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    Landscape Architecture Lecture

    Herbert Dreiseitl:<br />

    Herbert Dreiseitl:
    "Urban Waterscapes"
    April 14, 2010

    Herbert Dreiseitl, a world-renowned landscape architect and water hydrologist will present his works on Urban Waterscapes.

    Dreiseitl's designs have drawn international praise for their physical and thematic integration of water.

    "Water is far from being just a designer's resource or material: It begs to have its vital possibilities rediscovered," Dreiseitl says. "This starts at the beginning of the planning process for water projects, and involves linking up and integrating element themes. Knowledge of water's particular qualities as a material are needed, and often experiments need to be conducted to give a real idea of the result."

    He formed Atelier Dreiseitl in 1980 with a goal to promote sustainable projects with a high aesthetic and social value.

    His unique philosophical and artistic insight has enabled him to unite a multidisciplinary team of professionals and forge new paths in urban design. Dreiseitl's leadership has guided his firm to international acclaim.

    All lectures are free and open to the public. Call 312.567.3312 for information.
    Siegel Hall Auditorium
    3301 South Dearborn Ave.
    7 pm