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    Daniel J. Larkin, Ph.D.

    Daniel J. Larkin, Ph.D.

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Conservation Scientist and David Byron Smith Family Curator of Native Habitats, Chicago Botanic Garden

    Program of Landscape Architecture

    Office Hours: By appointment
    Phone: 312.567.3230
    Fax: 312.567.5820
    Email: dlarkin@iit.edu
    Web: Chicago Botanic Garden


    • Ecology


    • Ph.D. Botany, University of Wisconsin–Madison
    • B.A. Biology, University of California Santa Cruz

    Curriculum Vitae

    Courses Taught

    Research & Major Accomplishments

    Daniel Larkin is a community ecologist whose research focuses on restoration ecology, invasion biology, and the effects of plant-community composition on ecosystem services (nutrient cycling, carbon storage, and wildlife support). He is currently primary advisor for two doctoral candidates and four M.S. students through the joint Chicago Botanic Garden-Northwestern University Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation. In his teaching for IIT, Daniel introduces students to fundamental concepts in plant ecology, with an emphasis on Midwestern habitats and elements of plants’ biology relevant to landscape management.

    Current Projects


    • Selected participant, Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) Early Career Faculty Workshop in Ecoinformatics, National Science Foundation (2007)
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scientific Teaching Fellow, Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching (2005-2006)
    • Vilas Travel Fellowship, University of Wisconsin (2005)



    Selected Publications

    Tuchman, N.C., D.J. Larkin, P. Geddes, R. Wildova, K.J. Jankowski, and D.E. Goldberg. 2009. Patterns of environmental change associated with Typha x glauca invasion in a Great Lakes coastal wetland. Wetlands 29:964-975.

    Larkin, D.J., J.M. West, and J.B. Zedler. 2009. Created pools increase food availability for fishes in a restored salt marsh. Ecological Engineering 35:65-74.

    Zedler, J.B., C.L. Bonin, D.J. Larkin, and A. Varty. 2008. Salt marshes. Encyclopedia of Ecology, S.E. Jorgensen and B.D. Fath, eds. Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 3132-3141.

    Larkin, D.J., S.P. Madon, J.M. West, and J.B. Zedler. 2008. Topographic heterogeneity influences fish use of an experimentally restored tidal marsh. Ecological Applications 18:483-496.

    Zedler, J.B., D.A. Falk, and D.J. Larkin. 2007. Upstart views of restoration icons. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 88:104-112.

    Larkin, D.J., G. Vivian-Smith, and J.B. Zedler. 2006. Topographic heterogeneity: Theory and ecological restoration. Foundations of Restoration Ecology, D.A. Falk, M.A. Palmer, and J.B. Zedler, eds. Island Press: Washington, D.C., pp. 142-164.

    Professional Society Memberships

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    Professional Society Service

    Grants and Fellowships

    • 2010-2012. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. $115,712. Enhancing the Capacity of Wetland Programs to Assess and Manage Habitat for Secretive Marshbird Support (sole PI)
    • 2010-2011. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. $10,000. Ecological Genetics of Phragmites australis Invasion in Southern Lake Michigan Coastal Habitats (Seed) (PI, w/ J. Fant)
    • 2010-2011. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. $45,000. Testing Restoration Effectiveness under a Changing Climate (Co-PI, w/ J. Fant, K. Skogen, and E. Yates)
    • 2009-2012. National Science Foundation. $305,389. MRI: Acquisition of a Conservation GIS Laboratory (Co-PI, w/ P. Vitt, K. Havens, K. Skogen, and J. Fant)
    • 2008-2010. USEPA. $75,000. Biodiesel Education: Green-collar Recruiting and Environmental Education for the Next-generation (Co-PI, w/ N.C. Tuchman, A.K. Varty, and S. Lishawa)
    • 2008-2010. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. $80,000. How Do Plant Species Invasions Affect Water Quality Services Performed By Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands? (Co-PI, w/ N.C. Tuchman, P. Geddes, and D. Goldblatt)
    • 2007-2008. US EPA. $10,000. P3 Phase I: Innovative Biodiesel Production: A Solution to the Scientific, Technical, and Educational Challenges of Sustainability (Co-PI, w/ N.C. Tuchman and P. Geddes)

    Community Service