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    Contact Info

    Anand, Sachin Adjunct Associate Professor sanand11@iit.edu
    Arets, Wiel The Rowe Family College of Architecture Dean Endowed Chair wiel.arets@iit.edu
    Attali, Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor aattali@iit.edu
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    Babbin, Robert Adjunct Professor Thesis rbabbin@iit.edu
    Baird, James Adjunct Professor jbaird1@iit.edu
    Balogh, Brett Part-Time Professor 312.567.3999
    Bell, Andrew Adjunct Assistant Professor abell@iit.edu
    Brininstool, David Adjunct Professor dbrinins@iit.edu
    Brock, Thomas Studio Associate Professor, Director of Professional Practice brock@iit.edu
    Brooke, Jon

    Part-Time Professor

    Brown, Marshall Assistant Professor, Director of Landscape and Urbanism 312.567.5887
    Brown, Timothy Studio Associate Professor, Director of International Program timothy.brown@iit.edu
    Brubaker, Steven Adjunct Professor sbrubake@iit.edu
    Burcheri, Aldo Part-Time Professor Email unavailable
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    Chadha, Monica Adjunct Assistant Professor mchadha1@iit.edu

    Clair, Joseph

    Adjunct Associate Professor 312.567.3447
    Conger-Austin, Susan Studio Associate Professor, Director of Foreign Relations 312.567.3258
    Cooley, Rodger Adjunct Assistant Professor rcooley@iit.edu
    Cornubert, Christophe Morgenstern Chair Adjunct Professor ccornube@iit.edu
    Current, Jennifer Part-Time Professor jcurrent@iit.edu
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    Danly, Jill Adjunct Associate Professor jdanly@iit.edu
    Denison, Dirk Professor, Mies Americas Prize Director denison@iit.edu
    DeSalvo, John Studio Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Admission desalvo@iit.edu
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    Elnimeiri, Mahjoub

    Professor 312.567.3990
    Endres, Paul Assistant Professor, Director of Technology pendres@iit.edu
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    Felsen, Martin Studio Associate Professor felsen@iit.edu
    Flury, Frank Associate Professor 312.567.6815
    Forneris, Craig Adjunct Assistant Professor forncra@iit.edu
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    Geiger, Barbara Adjunct Professor geigerb@iit.edu
    Gil, Iker Part-Time Professor giliker@iit.edu
    Gillhouse, Michael Assistant Materials Lab Manager 312.567.3259
    Glynn, Michael Adjunct Associate Professor mglynn@iit.edu
    Greenberg, David Adjunct Assistant Professor dgreenbe@iit.edu
    Greven, E. Aaron Adjunct Associate Professor egreven@iit.edu
    Grzeslo, Gregory Adjunct Associate Professor grzeslo@iit.edu
    Guthman, Jack Adjunct Professor jguthman@iit.edu
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    Hall, James Part-Time Professor hallj@iit.edu
    Hansen, Kai Network and Systems Coordinator 312.567.5711
    Harboe, Gunny Adjunct Professor
    Harkin, Rich Media Services Coordinator 312.567.5756
    Herman, Matt Adjunct Associate Professor mherman3@iit.edu
    Hoepf, Thomas Adjunct Professor thoepf@iit.edu
    Holland, Martin Part-Time Professor mhollan1@iit.edu
    Humer, Colleen Studio Assistant Professor 312.567.5897
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    Ivanov, Kiril Part-Time Professor kivanov1@iit.edu
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    Jacobs, Thomas Studio Associate Professor tjacobs3@iit.edu
    James, Vincent Morgenstern Chair Adjunct Professor vjames@iit.edu
    Johnson, Leslie Studio Associate Professor johnsonl@iit.edu
    Jones, Kristin Adjunct Assistant Professor kjones24@iit.edu
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    Kancauski, Faith Director of Administration and Financial Affairs 312.567.3281
    Kearns, Thomas Studio Associate Professor, Director of Design Communication 312.567.3937
    Keller, Sean Associate Professor, Director of History and Theory 312.567.3828
    Kibler, Stephen Studio Associate Professor kibler@iit.edu
    Klaeschen, Martin Adjunct Associate Professor klaeschen@iit.edu
    Kleiman, David Adjunct Professor dkleiman@iit.edu
    Klymson, Jeffery Adjunct Assistant Professor jklymso2@iit.edu
    Koo, Jackie Adjunct Associate Professor jkoo5@iit.edu
    Kowalczyk, Lukasz Adjunct Assistant Professor kowalczyk@iit.edu
    Krawczyk, Robert Professor, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs 312.567.5708
    Kriegshauser, John Adjunct Associate Professor 312.567.3259
    Krueck, Ron Studio Professor krueck@iit.edu
    Kultermann, Eva Associate Professor kultermann@iit.edu
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    Land, Peter Professor 312.567.7131
    Landon, Peter Part-Time Professor plandon@iit.edu
    Larkin, Daniel Adjunct Assistant Professor dlarkin@iit.edu
    LeFevre, David Adjunct Assistant Professor dlefevre@iit.edu
    Lehman, Gary Part-Time Professor glehman1@iit.edu
    Leung, Luke Part-Time Professor lleung2@iit.edu
    Licata, Anthony Adjunct Professor alicata@iit.edu
    Lupinos, John Adjunct Professor jlupinos@iit.edu
    Lutsky, Karen Part-Time Professor klutsky@iit.edu
    Lynch, Brad Part-Time Professor blynch2@iit.edu
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    MacRae, Stuart Reference/Facilities Assistant 312.567.3256
    Mallgrave, Harry Professor, Director of PhD in Architecture Program 312.567.3269
    Manaves, John Adjunct Associate Professor jmanaves@iit.edu
    Mattson, Mary Pat Studio Assistant Professor mmattso2@iit.edu
    Mazurek, Andrew Adjunct Professor amazurek@iit.edu
    McAnulty, Robert Part-Time Professor rmcanult@iit.edu
    McKinney, Mark Part-Time Professor mmckinn5@iit.edu
    Metter, Andrew Adjunct Professor ametter@iit.edu
    Miller, Jonathan Studio Associate Professor 312.567.5883
    Mills, Kindon Part-Time Professor kmills2@iit.edu
    Mimica, Vedran Professor, Associate Dean of Research, Director of Master of Science in Architecture vmimica@iit.edu
    Mitchell, Mike Part-Time Professor email unavailable
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    Nagle, Kathleen Studio Associate Professor nagle@iit.edu
    Natke, Pat Part-Time Professor email unavailable
    Nelson, Richard Studio Associate Professor, Director of Building & Operations nelsonri@iit.edu
    Norsman, Brent Part-Time Professor bnorsman@iit.edu
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    Osler, Peter Assistant Professor,
    Director of the Program of Landscape Architecture
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    Paradiso, Alessandro Adjunct Associate Professor paradiso@iit.edu
    Parente, Carlo Part-Time Professor parecar@iit.edu
    Park, Jennifer Part-Time Professor email unavailable

    Peluso, Alphonso

    Studio Assistant Professor peluso@iit.edu
    Peterson, Daiva Adjunct Professor petersond@iit.edu
    Pettigrew, Paul Studio Associate Professor pettigrew@iit.edu
    Puller, Kerstin Adjunct Associate Professor kpuller@iit.edu
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    Radutny, Vladimir Part-Time Professor vradutny@iit.edu
    Riley, Benjamin Assistant Professor rileyb@iit.edu
    Robertson, Donna Professor, John and Jeanne Rowe Chair Emeritus 312.567.3263
    Rockey, Christopher Assistant Professor 312.567.5886
    Ronan, John Professor, Associate Dean of Architecture, Director of Design ronan@iit.edu
    Ross Barney, Carol Adjunct Professor cbarney@iit.edu
    Rubio, Elva Part-Time Professor email unavailable
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    Santa Lucia, Andrew Part-Time Professor andrew_santa_lucia@me.com
    Schachman, Andrew Studio Assistant Professor schachman@iit.edu
    Schmidt, Timo Adjunct Associate Professor tschmidt@iit.edu
    Sennott, Stephen Adjunct Associate Professor,
    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
    Sierralta, Karla Studio Associate Professor ksierral@iit.edu
    Simmons, Annie Department Coordinator and Coordinator for Landscape Program 312.567.3312
    Smietana, Robert Adjunct Professor rsmietan@iit.edu
    Sobek, Werner Mies van der Rohe Adjunct Professor wsobek@iit.edu
    Sorrell, Lynsey Adjunct Assistant Professor lsorrell@iit.edu
    Soss, Kimberly Librarian and Head of the Graham Resource Center 312.567.3601
    Surjan, Terry Adjunct Associate Professor tsurjan@iit.edu
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    Takeuchi, Arthur Associate Professor takeuchi@iit.edu
    Thomas, Varkie Research Professor thomasv@iit.edu
    Tinucci, Andrew Studio Assistant Professor atinucci@iit.edu
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    Uhlir, Edward Adjunct Professor euhlir@iit.edu
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    Weir, Arthur

    Adjunct Associate Professor aweir@iit.edu

    Wetzel, Catherine

    Associate Professor wetzel@iit.edu
    Williams, Amanda Adjunct Associate Professor awilli18@iit.edu
    Williams, Betsy Adjunct Associate Professor ewillia9@iit.edu
    Wimer, Ross Adjunct Professor rwimer@iit.edu
    Womack, Jay Adjunct Professor jwomack1@iit.edu
    Wood, Antony Studio Associate Professor, Executive Director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) 312.567.3307
    Woodhouse, David Adjunct Professor dwoodhou@iit.edu
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    Yetken, Carol Part-Time Professor cyetken@iit.edu
    Yurko, Amy Adjunct Associate Professor ayurkone@iit.edu
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    Zola, Zoka Part-Time Professor email unavailable