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    Harry Mallgrave

    IIT College of Architecture Faculty

    There's a lot more to architecture than designing buildings, even though Professor Harry Mallgrave does that, too. A practicing architect, Mallgrave is also an established scholar in the area of history and theory of architecture. He has earned an international reputation for his writing in the field, authoring books, journal articles, and essays on the subject. For twenty years, Mallgrave served as editor of architecture and aesthetics for the "Text and Documents Series" of the Getty Research Institute.

    Mallgrave's architectural expertise includes sustainability and the emergence of high-tech mega-cities, especially in China, a topic on which Mallgrave lectures publicly. He is director of IIT's International Center for Sustainable New Cities, which was created to address the rapid physical and sociological changes taking place across the globe as well as the radical changes occurring in the fields of architecture and design. As part of the center, Mallgrave co-led a team of interdisciplinary students on a project to design a sustainable new city for Chongming Island, China.

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