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    Kunihiro Misu

    M.S. in Architecture, 1966; Corporate Adviser and Former Chairman, Nikken Sekkei, Ltd.

    Upon receiving a bachelor of engineering in architecture and building engineering degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kunihiro Misu wished to further his studies at a campus designed by a legendary architect.

    "I came a long way to attend IIT," says Misu, who was born in Yokohama, Japan, and would go on to head one of the largest architectural design firms in the world. "I wanted to learn Mies van der Rohe architecture in his masterpiece, S. R. Crown Hall."

    During his tenure at Nikken Sekkei, Misu held a variety of positions before becoming chair, including president, senior managing director, managing director, and deputy principal of the Tokyo office. Among the many projects he worked on were the China World Trade Center in Beijing and the Islamic Development Bank Headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    A true global architect, Misu takes great pride in having completed 50 construction projects in 15 different countries over his 45-year career. Misu has received prestigious awards for several of his building designs. In 2009, he received a commendation from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in Japan for contributions to the development of the construction industry.

    Service continues to play a large role in Misu's life. He is president of the Japan Association of Architectural Firms and has held leadership roles in other architectural organizations. He is a member of the IIT International Board of Overseers and former president of the Japan branch of the IIT Alumni Association.

    In 2010, Misu received an Alumni Medal from IIT in recognition of his commitment to society through service and accomplishment.

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