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    Peter Binggeser

    Architecture Undergraduate

    As Peter Binggeser undertook more and more courses at IIT College of Architecture, he felt his career interests shifting, moving away from more traditional architectural pursuits and instead toward combining architecture with art and design.

    “The degree involves nearly every level of compositional design training while also teaching the process of working with and evolving an idea from thought to finished product,” says Binggeser. “The skills developed in architecture can be applied to nearly any medium of art.”

    Born in the village of Lake Orion, Michigan, Binggeser wanted to stay in the Midwest for his college education. Another factor in his decision to attend IIT was his acceptance of a Camras Scholarship, IIT’s highest undergraduate academic honor, given to the top 1 percent of the incoming applicant pool. In his desire to move in a different career direction, Binggeser is considering working with handcrafted furniture or making models, converting the ideas of designers and engineers into three-dimensional objects. His dream job—designing recording studios—is one he intends to obtain as he gains in design experience.

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