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    Rachel Yanover

    Architecture Undergraduate

    Rachel Yanover’s interest in built space grew out of several experiences: her childhood years spent absorbing local history in Germany and nearby countries, her subsequent move to the architecturally rich city of Philadelphia, and her participation in a United States-German exchange program that included an internship at the Stadtverwaltung Böeblingen Bauamt, the city building and zoning office. It is no surprise that IIT College of Architecture’s storied past served to influence Yanover’s decision to enroll at the university.

    “The Bauhaus-descended architecture program at IIT is more grounded in modern detail and construction than other programs I was looking at,” she says. “Being located so close to all of the history as well as the ongoing rich architectural culture of Chicago was really appealing.”

    As part of her curriculum, Yanover is completing a specialization in architectural history and theory to complement her career interests in historic preservation. One of her favorite IIT studio courses—Project Nomad—also has a historic basis as part of Chicago’s Burnham Plan Centennial. “Working on a project based in reality was very exciting, educational, and challenging in terms of researching materials, making contacts, and working with presenting work to a client,” she explains about the project, a mobile nature and environmental learning center designed to be transported to and temporarily displayed in urban parks and open-space areas. 

    Yanover hopes to secure a position with a Chicago-based architectural firm, then return to school for a master’s degree in historic preservation. She is ultimately interested in working on projects that are rehab/reuse and community/urban renewal-oriented. 

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