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    Stephanie Siw-Maurizi Fumanelli

    Architecture Undergraduate

    Stephanie Siw-Maurizi Fumanelli first became interested in architecture as a high school student in one of the world’s great artistic countries: Italy. Fumanelli enjoyed her architecture courses at the Liceo Artistico di Carrara and discovered that she also liked the balance between mathematics and art. Having lived in Manhattan up until the age of six, Fumanelli thought of returning to the United States one day and decided the time was right when she was accepted at IIT College of Architecture. She says that IIT’s reputation, its association with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and its location near the dynamic city of Chicago were all factors that influenced her decision to study here. 

    Two topics of special interest to her are landscape architecture and the psychology of architecture, which explores feelings that are triggered by certain shapes and colors and whether or not architectural styles of neighborhoods can improve the behavior of those who live there.

    “The architecture program is showing me that I can do much more than what I even imagine and helps to prepare students for the working life,” she says. “The studio courses are exciting and challenging. I am always astonished about how productive I can be in such a short amount of time.”

    Fumanelli has also been busy meeting IIT alumni from Chicago-Kent College of Law and Stuart School of Business through the Velocity Initiative, a program that serves to reconnect alumni to their alma mater. Through her interviews and conversations, Fumanelli is also obtaining valuable insight into her dream to one day be a business owner.          

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