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    Tetsuyuki Hirano

    Bachelor of Architecture, 1979; President, Hirano and Associates, Inc.

    "Human-centered design is very important to me," says Tetsuyuki Hirano, a First-Class Authorized Architect who is also an expert at strategic planning. "People should never take a back seat to the design."

    After graduating with his architecture degree from IIT, Hirano gained experience in urban development, CAD systems, and architectural design at the Kajima Corp. He then joined Hirano and Associates, helping clients ranging from Hitachi Ltd. to the Toshiba Corp. in all aspects of the design process.

    He now serves as president of Hirano and Associates as well as Hirano Design International, an affiliate company Hirano established in 1987 as a base for international design activity

    Hirano is a member of the Advisory Council of the Design Management Institute and in 1989, worked with DMI and the Harvard Business School on the TRIAD Design Project, the first international research project on design management, which created a network among 13 international companies.

    In addition to his advisory role at DMI, Hirano is a lecturer at Chiba Institute of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Waseda University, as well as an adjunct professor at Tokyo University.

    In 2010, Hirano received an IIT Global Service Award, in part for helping to develop the IIT Alumni Association in Japan and for supporting recruitment efforts for IIT Institute of Design.

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