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    Architects of tomorrow will have to be agile, carving their own paths, and authoring their own careers. IIT Architecture is devoted to educating students to become Self-Constructors — individuals who define and educate themselves. Our curriculum stresses research, analysis, and synthesis as the fundamental skills that will allow our graduates to seize opportunities and explore new territories.

    Our innovative Cloud Studio brings together students from all degree programs to research and design the new metropolis. Our program of visiting teachers and lecturers contributes directly to these projects, so that students are taught by the world’s leading architects, urban designers, landscape architects, artists, critics, and policy makers.

    Degree Programs


    Bachelor of Architecture

    Master of Architecture
    Master of Landscape Architecture
    Master of Science in Architecture
    Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture


    Course Descriptions
    B.Arch. Studios
    M.Arch. Studios

    Study Abroad

    IIT College of Architecture Programs
    IIT Study Abroad

    Special Programs

    Experiment in Architecture High School Summer Program
    IntroARCH: Graduate Preparatory Course