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    Master of Integrated Building Delivery

    Providing Comprehensive Delivery Strategies to Promote a Quality Built Environment

    Mission and Objectives

    Fundamental changes in the process of delivering buildings are about to revolutionize the structure and practice of architectural design. The management practices which have doubled industrial production efficiencies since the mid-1960s, coupled with the power of computer tools and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are recognized as now necessary inclusions to current practice, to initiate a similar trajectory in the construction industry. The role of the architect at the realization of this change is not yet clearly defined, but it is recognized that it will be significantly altered from that of today. IIT introduces the new IBD curriculum to insure that education prepares graduates for a rewarding and significant role in the emergent state of the profession.

    Almost universally architects engage the practice of their art with the hope or expectation that the efforts will culminate in a realized project. Design is acknowledged as a component of a more holistic undertaking; that of creating an actualized built environment. The Master of Integrated Building Delivery program will educate architects to more actively participate in, guide, and/or undertake the full range of entrepreneurial and innovative activities comprising design, develop and build initiatives.

    Goals of the Program

    Empower the design professionals to work more closely with the financial teams, and the construction industry, to more effectively realize a project or enterprise.

    Energize the entrepreneurial initiative in the profession to encourage a more determinate role in project development.

    Develop a more open mind and greater receptiveness to innovation in the broadest sense.

    Develop the skills and knowledge useful in appraising and managing innovation in integrated systems and projects.

    Advance the level and nature of architectural education to a level that embraces and advances the evolving state of the industry. 

    Recognize the roles of and better prepare architects for paths already practiced under the umbrella definition of architecture. 

    Promote competency and responsibility in the full range of activities comprising the creation of the built environment.

    Develop communication and decision-making skills with particular emphasis on core competencies needed to compete in a highly dynamic business environment.
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