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    Building Energy Analysis Seminar 2, (eQUEST and VisualDOE)

    May 21 - 24, 2007
    The objective of these two workshops is to introduce eQUEST and VisualDOE to architects and engineers. These two programs are easy-to-use graphical CAD and Forms interfaces to the DOE2 energy program.

    Day 1-2: Training Seminar1 - eQUEST, May 21-22, 2007, 8.30am-4.30pm

    Day 3-4: Training Seminar 2 - VisualDOE, May 23-24, 2007 8.30am-4.30pm

    eQUEST is a sophisticated, easy to use, building energy use analysis tool. eQUEST was designed to allow you to perform detailed comparative analysis of building designs and technologies by applying sophisticated building energy use simulation techniques but without requiring extensive experience in the "art" of building performance modeling.  This is accomplished by combining schematic and design development building creation wizards, an energy efficiency measure (EEM) wizard and a graphical results display module with a complete up-to-date DOE. You can read the eQUEST Overview to get a more complete summary of the features and capabilities of this program.

    VisualDOE is a whole building energy simulation tool covering building envelope, lighting and day-lighting, water heating, HVAC systems, and central plant. No experience with DOE-2 is necessary for trainees, but advanced users have the flexibility to modify the input files directly and still run the simulations from within VisualDOE. VisualDOE version 4.1 build 0002 is approved as an energy analysis tool for the EPACT 2005 IRS Tax Deduction for commercial buildings.