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    PhD Alumni

    Christine Marriott
    Spring 2012
    Dissertation Title: Assessment Methods & Tools for Architectural Curricula

    Xiangfeng Liu
    Spring 2012
    Dissertation Title: Parametric Study on Computational Models of Transparent Water Storage Envelopes (TWSE) for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

    Mohammad Babsail
    Summer 2011
    Dissertation Title: Toward Net Zero Energy: The Correlation between Architectural Forms of Tall Buildings and Wind Power Production
    Current Position:
    Assistant Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia

    Payam Bahrami
    Summer 2011
    Dissertation Title: Architectural Consideration for Lunar Long Duration Habitat
    Current Position: Research Associate, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

    Ayman Almusharaf
    Spring 2011
    Dissertation Title: Incorporating Structure of Tall Building within an Architectural Form Generation Process
    Current Position: Dean, College of Architectural Engineering and Digital Design, DAU University, Riyadh, KSA

    Muhannad Al-Baqshi
    Fall 2010
    Dissertation Title: Kuwait’s Social Production of Space
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Kuwait University, Kuwait

    Dong-Hwan Ko
    Fall 2009
    Dissertation Title: Fenestration Guidelines for Energy & Daylight Efficiency: Evaluation and Prediction of Performance in Office Buildings

    Supreedee Rittironk
    Spring 2009
    Dissertation Title: Investigating Laminated Bamboo Lumber as a Viable Structural Material in Architectural Application
    Current Position: Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Rector for International Affairs, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

    Rodolfo Barragan
    Spring 2008
    Dissertation Title: An Architectural Score: Recording and Orchestrating an Architectural Experience
    Current Position: Director, Department of Architecture, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

    Joseph Chuen-huei Huang
    Spring 2008
    Dissertation Title: I_Prefab Home: Using Internet & Query Approach of Customizing Prefabricated Houses
    Current Position:  BIM Design Manager/Architect, MWH Global, Inc.

    Ying-Chung Hsu
    Spring 2007
    Dissertation Title: Integrating Space Planning Technology with Form Generation
    Current Position: Digital Design Manager, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP

    Tallal Abdalbasit Saeed
    Spring 2007
    Dissertation Title: Studies on the Geometrical Properties of Courtyard House Form Considering Natural Ventilation in Hot-Dry Regions
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Khartoum

    Jeoi Hun Lee
    Fall 2006
    Dissertation Title: Post Occupancy Evaluation of Assisted Living Facility
    Current Position:  Project Manager/ADA Senior Chicago Housing Authority/Capital Construction Department (CCD)

    Pravin Bhiwapurkar
    Fall 2006
    Dissertation Title: Urban Heat Island, Urban Morphology and Building Energy: The Case of Chicago
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Montana State University

    Abdel-Salam Al-Dawoud
    Fall 2006
    Dissertation Title: Comparative Analysis of Energy Performance between Courtyard and Atrium in Buildings

    Hassan Satti
    Spring 2006
    Dissertation Title: Integrating Building Code Analysis of Architectural Design into Building Information Model
    Current Position: CEO advisor, Lusail real estate development company

    Hiroki Tamai
    Fall 2005
    Dissertation Title: Development of Form Finding of Tensile Structures: An Architectural Approach
    Current Position: Project Engineer/Senior Engineer, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart, Germany

    Sang Min Park
    Spring 2005
    Dissertation Title: Tall Building Form Generation by Parametric Design Process
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, YeungNam University, Korea

    Magdy Ibrahim
    Spring 2005
    Dissertation Title: A XML Approach to Transforming Architectural Information to the Construction Site Based on the BIM Object Model
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Design, Abu Dhabi University

    Pongsak Chaisuparasmikul
    Spring 2005
    Dissertation Title: Simplified Building Energy Modeling Tool for Architects
    Current Position: Senior Sustainable Design Specialist, D&D Engineering

    Hyeong-Ill Kim
    Spring 2004
    Dissertation Title: Space Efficiency in Mixed-Use High-Rise Building
    Current Position: Research Professor, Hanyang University, South Korea

    Ekkachai Mahaek
    Spring 2003
    Dissertation Title: Integrated Solar Energy Responsive Envelope and 3D Rule-based Space Planning: Design Tool for Effective Building Form
    Current Position: Dean, The Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

    Sam El Khar Bawey
    Spring 2003
    Dissertation Title: Ends of Imperium: Rethinking the Architecture of the Modernity at the Limits of Modern Architecture

    Chumnan Boonyaputthipong
    Fall 2002
    Dissertation Title: A Parametric Study of the Interlocking of Stack Effect Ventilation with Building Thermal Mass in Commercial Office Buildings
    Current Position:  Vice President for Infrastructures Systems Development Affairs, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

    Kuang Pao, Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: Performance-Based Seismic Design of Buildings Considering Architectural Elements
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

    Kamon Jirapong
    Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: Discovering Architecture in Seashells
    Current Position: Dean, School of Digital Media, Sripatum University, Thailand

    Byeong-Ho Lee
    Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: Integrated Resource: Conscious Planning Towards Sustainable Communities
    Current Position: Research Professor, Sustainable Building Research Center, Hanyang University; Lecturer, Seoul National University

    Pollawat Petavanich, Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: Integrating the Geographical and Cultural Phenomena of the Mississippi River, New Orleans and Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

    Hatice Sozar
    Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: Identification of Barriers to the Building Integrated Photovoltaic Design Process as Applied to Curtain Wall
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Energy Institute, Istanbul Technical University

    Qi Zhou
    Summer 2002
    Dissertation Title: From CAD to iAD: An Internet Application of Steel Construction Consulting for Architects
    Current Position:  Professor and Director of Graduate Program, School of Architecture, Southeast University, China

    Abed Al-Musallam
    Spring 2002
    Dissertation Title: Coordinating Architecture Drawings with Other Construction Documents
    Current Position: Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs of Preparatory Year and Support Studies/Assistant Professor, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Damman, Saudi Arabia 

    Jong-soo Cho
    Spring 2002
    Dissertation Title: Design Methodology for Tall Office Buildings: Design Measurements and Integration with Regional Character
    Current Position: Professor, Graduate School of Architecture, KonKuk University, Korea

    Khaled Mansy
    Spring 2001
    Dissertation Title: Sustainable Regionalism, Energy Performance as a Criterion for Urban Control
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

    Samir Abdelmawla
    Spring 2000
    Dissertation Title: Virtual Environment for Structure Education
    Current Position: Digital Design Manager, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP

    Yongsun Choi
    Spring 2000
    Dissertation Title: Tall Building Planning and its Development: The Exploration of Planning and Building Factors
    Current Position: Instructor, Department of Real Estate Development, Seoul University of Venture and Information