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    Ph.D. Faculty

    Mahjoub Elnimeiri (Director of the Ph.D. Program)

    Ph.D., Northwestern University
    M.S., DIC University of London, Imperial College
    B.S., University of Khartoum
    Structural engineering, tall buildings design, special structures, dynamic response of structures, and structural/computer interaction

    Peter Land

    A.A.Dipl.RIBA, London
    M.C.P., Yale University 
    M.Arch., Carnegie Institute of Technology
    Urban planning, building technology, and macro project organization

    Harry Francis Mallgrave
    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
    M.Arch., B.Arch., University of Detroit
    History and theory of architecture

    Donna V. Robertson

    M.Arch., University of Virginia
    B.A., Stanford University
    Architectural design and urbanism

    Robert J. Krawczyk
    Associate Professor

    B.Arch., University of Illinois at Chicago
    Algorithmic design methods, building information modeling, mathematically based digital art, and digitally based fabrication

    Sean Keller
    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D.Arch., Harvard University
    M.Arch., B.Arch., Princeton University
    Modern architecture, history and theory

    Martin Felsen
    Associate Studio Professor
    M.S., Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University
    B.Arch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

    Raymond J. Clark
    Adjunct Professor
    M.S., Purdue University

    Matthew Herman
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Energy modeling, analysis, monitoring and life cycle assessment for existing buildings and new construction.

    Varkie C. Thomas
    Research Professor
    Ph.D., Strathclyde University Glasgow