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    High Rise Building

    The area of high-rise building will concern itself with offering an appreciation and understanding for the rationale of a multi-story building and its place in our urban environment.

    The high-rise building studio explores all aspects of tall building design that including planning, development, function, form generation, sustainable concept and provides an almost equal partnership of architecture and engineering.

    Studio research and its subsequent application to tall building architecture demonstrate that unique structure systems are required for depending upon their heights.

    Research models have been developed primarily for tall building in steel, concrete and composite construction. The interaction between research and design professionals consisting of architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and developers collaborating in research teams provide a unique laboratory environment in which to develop hypothetical models that can be later applied to actual design projects involving tall buildings. Due to the diverse expertise of the professional, students are immersed in a problem-solving environment not unlike that of office practice through which comprehensive prototypes can be developed over a period.

    Research projects, involving a wide variety of design concepts, help to illustrate how structural architecture could be reflected in design and planning and how structural planning is a crucial aspect of overall tall building design.

    We are also focused on sustainable tall building idea including green building concept, energy conscious design. Design strategies and processes will be considered to test the concept in various stages in design, construction and even in life cycle of the building.  .

    Through the research, we will be exploring generative concept of tall building form and innovative design process using state of art digital tools that are based on a parametric design approach and application of BIM concept to integrate the whole design process of tall building.