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    Ph.D. Research

    Architectural research has been defined by Dr. James Snyder as systematic inquiry directed toward the creation of knowledge. The IIT Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture Program fosters and promotes research in architecture that is driven by technology to advance knowledge and scholarship in architecture. The program is pursuing the current boundaries of knowledge and exploring new ideas.
    • High-Rise Building
      Design, planning and structure
    • Structure within Architecture
      Form, material, behavior, and applications
    • Energy Conscious Technology
      Influence upon building form, self-sustaining design, and energy efficiency
    • Computer Applications
      3-D modeling, multimedia and graphic images, presentations, concepts of animation, and related techniques and approaches
    • Technology Applications & Special Buildings
      New materials, composites, prefabricated, applications, systems of building enclosure, and other construction applications
    • Emerging Urbanisms
      Global practices of architecture and new urban cultures
    • History, Theory and Technology
      Architectural theory and its history with technology, and applications of theory to design culture

    Recent research activities have included:
    • Measurement and verification CCGT joint research project with Chicago Center for Green Technology, March 2007
    • Exploring the viability of bamboo as a commercial construction material
    • Architectural score recording and orchestrating an architectural experience
    • Discovering architecture with a seashell
    • Integrated resource-conscious planning toward sustainable communities
    • Integrated space planning technology with form generation
    • Study on impact of climate and geometric elements on building energy efficiency - the case of Chicago, USA
    • Evaluation of fenestration criteria for energy efficient office building
    • Space efficiency in mixed-use high rise building
    • Studies on the geometrical properties of courtyard house from considering natural ventilation in hot-dry regions
    • Form finding of tensile architecture
    • The effect of occupancy pattern
    • Using the CAD building model concept for construction
    • Tall building form generation by parametric design process
    • Decision support system for modular houses
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