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    Travel Studio in Shanghai, China

    Designing a sustainable new city for the island of Chongming (adjacent to Shanghai)

    Harry Mallgrave, George Schipporeit

    Project Partner
    Tongji University College of Architecture and Urban Planning

    photo of students in a boat near Shanghai

    The Project
    Professors Mallgrave and Schipporeit led a select team of eight architecture students in designing a sustainable new city for the island of Chongming, located adjacent to Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The problem was based on the fact that China had plans to build eight new cities on this island, of which only one had been designed. While in China, students also worked with Chinese students and faculty.

    This large-scale planning studio met twice a week and had three segments: 1) Research of Chinese urban patterns and urban programming;  2) Field research (site analysis), meetings with officials, and preliminary planning in China; 3) A collective schematic design for the new city prepared back in Chicago.

    The work of this studio was then examined and advanced during the spring semester by a special multidisciplinary seminar (five architects, five engineers, five students from the University of Chicago), sponsored by the International Center for Sustainable New Cities.

    The objective was not only to produce a published document of the research and planning carried out over the course of the year, but also to gain "real life" insight into how such decisions are made.

    photo of students in a small room near Shanghai