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    Collections and Holdings

    The GRC Architecture Library possesses a wide range of materials in myriad media for the research and instruction of Architecture.  Holdings are collected for and available to IIT students and faculty. Below is a partial list of GRC offerings.  Users should note that the Paul V. Galvin Library also has Architecture related materials.

    6,500 Monographs

    42 Currently Subscribed Periodicals

    The Mies Study Collection

    COA Graduate theses

    A/V Equipment

    In addition, we possess a small collection of archives and special collections, including: The Theobold Press archives, the David Arkin Collection, David Spaeth Collection, and the Mies Study Collection. The GRC also possess a small but significant collection of rare monographs relating to Chicago Architectural history.  We have begun work in earnest to create a Materials Library and a Digital Image Database.