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    Payment Plans

    Tuition and fees are billed per semester at IIT. Each semester, students must either make payment in full by the published due date or be enrolled in the semester payment plan.

    Enrolling in the semester payment plan will divide your total out of pocket payment obligation for the semester into three (3) equal payments. The first payment is made 2 weeks after the semester begins and subsequent installment payments are made monthly.

    Below is a sample Fall semester payment schedule for a student on a payment plan. Please note that individual due dates will vary each semester, and will be published.

    August 25th         Classes Begin
    September 8th     1st Installment Payment Due
    October 8th         2nd Installment Payment Due
    November 8th      Final Installment Payment Due

    Instructions for Payment Plan Enrollment

    You may enroll your semester's balance into the payment plan through the myIIT portal Finances tab by following the Manage My Student Account link.

    Payment plan enrollment will be available on the Payment Plan tab 6 weeks before the start of each semester.

    You have the flexibility to enroll as much or little of your total out of pocket cost as you'd like. Any portion of your bill not enrolled in this plan will be due in full by the published due date for that semester. Please view your account balance prior to enrolling in a payment plan. If you have anticipated changes (additional courses that you plan to add or drop or financial aid that is not yet listed), you may include that with your estimate. Once you enroll in the plan, you will not be able to make changes-any balance not enrolled in the plan will be due by the published due date. Please be careful with your estimate. If your estimate is MORE than your final account balance, your plan will be automatically recalculated before your first payment is due to lower your payments. You need not contact our office-this adjustment will be made automatically after the add/drop period has ended. You will receive an email when that adjustment has been made
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