Service and Therapy Animals

    Service Animals
    Illinois Institute of Technology recognizes the value and need for service animals to assist students, staff, faculty, and guests with disabilities. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 and relevant regulations, a service animal as is defined as an animal “that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.” Tasks a service animal performs must be directly related to its handler’s disability.   Examples include, but are not limited to: navigating for a person who is blind, pulling a wheelchair, or assisting an individual during a seizure by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.  An animal who only provides crime deterrent effects or emotional support or comfort is not considered a service animal.

    IIT Guests with Service Animals
    Service animals are welcome on campus. However, IIT reserves the right to ask if an animal is required because of a disability and what tasks the animal is trained to perform.  All service animals must be properly trained and IIT may ask that a service animal be removed from campus if it is disruptive or shows that it has not been successfully trained to function as a service animal in public settings. A properly trained service animal will sit quietly and obediently at his or her partner’s feet.

    IIT Students with Service Animals
    A student with a disability may be allowed to have a service animal on campus and in on-campus housing provided the student has submitted documentation of his/her disability to the Center for Disability Resources and the documentation shows that the service animal is a reasonable accommodation for the disability. Documentation guidelines may be found here . To request that the service animal reside in on-campus housing, the student also must complete the Disability Housing Accommodations Request form, which may be found here .  Each request for an accommodation including the use of a service animal will be carefully considered on an individualized, case by case basis.

    IIT Students with Therapy Animals
    Pursuant to applicable federal fair housing statutes and regulations, as opposed to the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act and its regulations, an emotional support or therapy animal is an animal that provides necessary assistance to an individual with a disability within the individual’s dwelling or residence.  A student with a disability may be allowed to have a therapy animal in on-campus housing provide the student has submitted documentation of his/her disability to the Center for Disability Resources and the documentation shows there is reasonable relationship between the disability and the assistance provided by the animal.

    IIT Student Responsibilities
    The student (handler) is responsible for the good health, clean up, care, and control of the service or therapy animal. If the animal is in ill health (i.e., bowel/bladder control problems, fleas, etc.) or exhibits violent or disruptive behavior, the owner may be asked to remove it from university property.

    Students must also have the service or therapy animal properly registered and tagged and provide evidence that the animal has been properly vaccinated for rabies and/or any other required or veterinary recommended shots.

    Any questions about service and therapy animals may be discussed with the Center for Disability Resources.

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