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    Online Courses for Undergraduates in Information Technology and Management

    We understand that many graduate students are professionals with very busy lives, and sometimes fitting in a rigid class schedule is impossible. That is why Illinois Institute of Technology's Master of Information Technology & Management program offers several specializations and courses online.

    IIT delivers distance learning through streaming audio and video over the Internet. A list of technical requirements can be found here. IIT uses the Blackboard Content Management System for submission of materials and class participation.

    Online Specializations
    The following Information Technology and Management degree specializations may be completed online:

    • Web Design & Application Development
    • Networking & Communications
    • Software Development

    For a list of all Information Technology and Management specializations, visit specializations.

    Online Courses
    The following courses may be completed online:

    ITMD 411   Intermediate Object Oriented Programming (Java)
    ITMD 412   Advanced Structured and Object Oriented Programming (Java)
    ITMD 421   Data Modeling and Applications
    ITMD 422   Advanced Database Management I
    ITMD 423   Advanced Database Management II
    ITMD 460   Fundamentals of Multimedia
    ITMD 461   Internet Technologies & Web Design
    ITMM 511   Application Development Methodologies
    ITMD 521   Client Server Technologies and Applications
    ITMD 528   Database Security
    ITMT 531   Object Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and Design
    ITMD 532   UML Based Software Development
    ITMT 533   Operating System Design & Implementation
    ITMD 534   Human Computer Interaction
    ITMT 535   Systems Architectures
    ITMD 536   Software Testing & Maintenance
    ITMT 537   Instructional Technologies
    ITMO 540   Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet
    ITMO 541   Network Applications and Operations
    ITMO 542   Wireless Technologies & Applications
    ITMO 545   Telecommunications Technology
    ITMD 562   Web Site Application Development
    ITMD 563   Internet Application Development
    ITMD 565   Dynamic Web Page Development
    ITMD 566   Web Services & Service Oriented Architectures
    ITMM 571   Project Management for Information Technology Management
    ITMM 572   Process Engineering for Information Technology Managers
    ITMM 573   Building and Leading Effective Teams
    ITMM 574   Strategic Information Technology Management
    ITMM 575   Networking and Telecommunications Management
    ITMS 578   Information System Security Management
    ITMM 581   IT Entrepreneurship
    ITMM 585   Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
    ITMS 588   Incident Response, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    ITMT 595   Topics in Information Technology
    ITMT 597   Special Problems in Information Technology

    Please note that while there is no guarantee of online availability, the courses listed above are courses that have been or will be commonly offered online. Please see the course description for each course for prerequisites and other information.

    Frequently Asked Questions (regarding online learning)
    Most questions related to online learning can be answered by visiting: The IIT Online website

    Online Application
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