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    Graduate Admission

    Business Innovation, IT-M 582

    About this Course:
    This course is designed to teach innovative thinking through theory, methods, and practice of innovation. The course incorporates Einstein's thinking, and Edison's method to establish the innovation process that can be applied in current business environment. Current economic conditions and global sourcing requires that innovation becomes a leading tool for developing a competitive edge. Innovation has been considered a competency of educated, design engineering, and a selected few employees that has become insufficient today. Corporations and organizations need innovation to develop customer-specific solutions in almost real time.

    Currently Scheduled

    None except an interest in realizing dramatic improvement in your workplace.

    Who Should Attend:
    Executives, managers and engineers interested in achieving dramatic improvement at their workplaces.

    Expected Outcomes:
    EXPERIENCE the innovations process; LEARN methodologies for increasing the speed of innovation; ACQUIRE skills to apply the innovation process in your company; PRACTICE innovation to real world situations.

    Course Outline:

    • Introductions, Class Expectations, Syllabus Review
    • Discussion: History of Innovation
    • Creativity, Invention and Innovation
    • Conventional Tools of Creativity
    • Apply Selected Creativity Tools
    • Innovation in the Information Age
    • Need for Innovation on Demand
    • Discussion � Real Time Marketing
    • Mind Hardware and Mental Processes
    • Framework for Innovation
    • Room for Innovation
    • Proctor and Gamble (A)
    • Innovation Deployment
    • Measures of Innovation
    • Discussion - Knowing Winning Ideas
    • Innovation in Service
    • Identifying measures of innovation in service organizations
    • Protecting Innovation
    • Commercializing the Innovation
    • Innovation at 3M
    • Managing Innovation, Course Review, and learning assessment
    • Planning for Innovation


    Praveen Gupta