Undergraduate Admission
    Graduate Admission

    Open Source Programming in Python, IT 413

    About this Course:
    Contemporary open-source programming languages and frameworks are presented. The student considers design and development topics in system, graphical user interface, network, and web programming. Dynamic scripting languages are covered using object-oriented, concurrent, and functional programming paradigms. Concepts gained throughout the course are reinforced with numerous exercises which will culminate in an open-source programming project.

    IT 311 Introduction to programming with Java , Participants should have some programming background as well as knowledge about HTML and CSS.

    Who Should Attend:
    The program is designed for application developers, system analysts, database administrators, and technical support professionals.

    Course Outline:
    1. The Python Programming Language
    Platform Environment and Tool Configuration
    Data types and Operations
    Statements and Syntax
    Functions and Modules

    2. System Programming
    System Tools
    File and Directory Tools
    Parallel System Tools

    3. Graphical User Interfaces
    Python GUI Development
    GUI Coding Techniques

    4. Network Programming
    Network and Client Scripting
    Twisted: Web Clients and Servers
    Twisted: Web Services and RPC
    Twisted: Mail/NNTP Clients and Servers
    Advanced Internet Topics


    J. Kimont