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    Graduate Admission

    Cloud Computing Technologies, IT 444

    About this Course:
    Computing applications hosted on dynamically-scaled virtual resources available as services are considered. Collaborative and non-collaborative "cloud-resident" applications are analyzed with respect to cost, device/location independence, scalability, reliability, security, and sustainability. Commercial and local cloud architectures are examined. A group-based integration of course topics will result in a project employing various cloud computing technologies.

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    IT 301 A+ Certification Training and IT 311 Introduction to Programming with Java, Operating system, Networking, and application architecture fundamentals or equivalent experience is required for enrollment

    Course Outline:

    • Cloud Computing Essentials and XaaS
    • Google App Engine:
      • HTML, CSS and Python
      • Python Programming
      • Web Framework
      • Web Templates
      • Web Persistence and Datastore
      • Apps on Google Cloud and Memory Cache
    • Amazon Web Services
      • Fundamentals
      • Simple Storage Service (S3)
      • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
      • Simple Queue Service (SQS)
      • Flexible Payment Service (FPS) and Simple DB
      • CloudFront and Elastic MapReduce
    • Apache Hadoop


    Jeremy R. Hajek