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    Intelligent Device Technologies, IT 455

    About this Course:
    Intelligent device application development is covered with various technologies on mobile and robotic platforms. Utilizing contemporary toolkits, the student considers design and development on emulated and real "smart" devices including smart phones, personal digital assistants, sensors, actuators, and robots. Numerous exercises reinforce concepts gained throughout the course. A term project will integrate course topics into a comprehensive intelligent device application.

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    Course Features

    This course will cover smart phone architectures and application development on modern smart phones utilizing the Google Android (G1) Operating System, Microsoft Windows Mobile, WebOS (Palm Pre), Java ME, and sensor-based applications using various robotics platform

    IT 311 Introduction to Programming with Java, Basic programming knowledge in java, C++ or C# or equivalent experience is required for enrollment.

    Course Outline:

    • Introduction to Intelligent Devices and Palm webOS SDK
    • Palm webOS Applications
      • Widgets, Dialogs and Menus
      • Advanced Widgets, Data and Styles
      • Services and Background Apps
    • Google Android Applications
      • DVM, SDK and Activities
      • Data Stores and Network Services
      • Intents and Content Providers
      • Other Capabilities
    • Java ME Applications
      • JVM, SDK, and CLDC Development
      • CDC Development
      • Web Services and Messaging
      • Security and Multimedia
    • SunSPOT Applications I
    • SunSPOT Applications II


    Soren S. Haurberg