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    Enterprise Java, IT 517

    About this Course:
    Participants learn how to construct large scale enterprise applications using current technologies by basing those application on standardized, modular components and by providing a complete set of services to those components. A final project will integrate and extrapolate best practices for enterprise applications treated throughout the course.

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    IT 415 Intermediate Java Programming or familiarity with object-oriented analysis and design and at least one year of professional experience with Java is required. A thorough understanding of the core Java syntax is required as well as prior exposure and experience with JDBC and JSP.

    Course Outline:
    Enterprise Java Beans
    This module on Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) covers EJB components, design goals, basics and architecture. Session and Entity Beans and State and Life-cycle management will be considered for deploying EJB across the enterprise. EJB security will be discussed and give rise to topics including persistence, communication, transactions and container service.

    Databases, Directory Services, and EJBs
    In this capstone module, participants incorporate all of the knowledge gained in the previous modules and apply it to designing, developing and deploying a real world J2EE application.

    J. Kimont