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    Process Engineering for IT Managers, IT 572

    About this Course:
    This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to define, model, measure and improve business processes. The course will focus on re-engineering processes through the application of technology to achieve significant and measurable improvement. The course will explore the latest industry standards and students will use state-of-the-art software tools for hands-on experiential learning.

    Course Features

    This course covers software and technology applications to improve business processes. Topics include translating business processes to software requirements.

    Currently Scheduled

    IT 471 Project Management for IT Profl or equivalent knowledge or experience required for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is valuable for those who wish to gain or refine management skills while increasing the commitment and productivity of their teams, including engineers, programmers, analysts and other technical and data-processing managers.

    Course Outline:

    • Introduction and Motivation
    • Business Processes Defined
    • Strategic Advantage
    • The Enterprise
    • Bottlenecks and Friction
    • Managing Processes
    • Measuring Performance
    • Discovering Opportunities
    • Executive Management
    • Modeling Processes
    • Improvement Frameworks
    • Six Sigma
    • Business Process Management
    • Process Redesign and Patterns
    • Improving Workflow
    • Matching Processes to Enterprise Applications
    • Building Applications to Match Processes
    • Business Process Management Suites
    • Ergonomic Case Study
    • Software Tools


    Dennis Hood