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    Master's Degree and Middle School Math Endorsement Program

    IIT’s Mathematics and Science Education department offers a Master’s degree in mathematics education and middle school mathematics endorsement for teachers. Program completion requires 11 courses (33 graduate credit hours). Students will take 15 credit hours in mathematics; 12 credit hours in adolescent psychology, curriculum, assessment, and supervision; and 6 credit hours in middle school mathematics teaching methods and advanced strategies.

    Teachers are encouraged to take the whole sequence of courses, but are allowed to take individual courses that fit their needs. Suggested courses are consistent with ISBE requirements.
    All courses are taught at IIT Main Campus 3424 S. State Street Room 4007 Chicago, IL 60616

    This program is designed with the practicing teacher in mind. The mathematics courses were created to meet the requirements for the middle school mathematics endorsement on State of Illinois teaching certificates. The content emphasizes the depth and breadth mathematics that is relevant to the middle school curriculum. Further, the endorsement is embedded in a program that leads to a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education (non-thesis option). Instruction in the graduate course models the type of experiences that are beneficial to middle school students, and instructors in the courses have extensive experience as teachers themselves in middle- and high-school levels.

    Course of Study
    Middle and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Summer 2010 MW 1:00 - 3:15pm 6/21 - 7/28
    Problem-Based Algebra Summer 2010 MW 3:35 - 5:45pm 6/21 - 7/28
    Problem-Based Geometry Fall 2010
    Adolescent Psychology Fall 2010
    Problem-Based Foundations of Calculus Spring 2011
    Instructional Strategies for Middle School Mathematics Spring 2011
    Problem-Based Probability and Statistics Summer 2011
    Advanced Strategies for Middle School Mathematics Summer 2011
    Problem-Based Number Theory Fall 2011
    Supervision Fall 2011
    Assessment Spring 2012

    All courses are 3 credit hours

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