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    My experience as an IIT-online student has been an adventure. In addition to typical analytical coursework, there were technical writing and project management courses outlined in the curriculum which I love. In the workforce, a greater understanding and skill knowledge of management is imperative. I especially enjoy the ability to watch video of lessons taught on campus and gain from hearing questions and answers from fellow students, instead of merely being responsible for reading a slide deck of class lessons. It provides me the benefits I thought I would have lost by studying online. The professors make themselves available via email or phone as to give the distance student the comfort in knowing they are still connected and can ask questions just as if I was in Chicago myself. I have recommended IIT to others I know who, like me, have a schedule that is not welcoming of having to make it to a college campus at a certain time every day, yet would still like to further their education.

    —Jamia Gaines-Paige, analytical chemistry, set to graduate spring 2013

    "I called several schools in the Chicagoland area looking for a graduate program that had classes in the evening. One of my choices was IIT. I asked the opinion of a Ph.D. that I working with and he said, "For a technical graduate degree, I would definitely choose IIT." Best decision I made in a long time, your school speaks for itself."

    —D'Arcy Lash Massimo, Materials and Chemical Synthesis Graduate, BP Whiting Refinery

    After graduating from college and working in industry for four years, I realized a Bachelor's degree would only provide me the minimum knowledge base to do my job. Further, if I were to advance in my career, I would need a Master's degree. Quitting my current position and returning to school full-time was not an option. I learned about IIT's MCAC (Professional Masters in Analytical Chemistry) program through a brochure that I received in the mail. I knew IIT had a great reputation, academically, and knowing that I could attend courses remotely via satellite (this was prior to IIT offering the program courses online) without having to drive 50 miles to Main Campus was a definite plus. The program consisted of a variety of courses that were all relevant to my job: sample preparation, gas and liquid chromatography, statistics, etc. The program was not easy, and I spent many a weekend studying and doing the assignments. I graduated in the inaugural class of 1998, and truly feel that the program provided a unique opportunity for those of us that were employed full-time chemists, yet wanted to obtain an advanced degree.

    —Chriz Latoz, analytical chemistry graduate, 1998, inaugural class

    "I can't tell you how many times I watched a lecture and the very next day I put what I learned into practice."

    —David Levinstim, Analytical Chemistry Graduate, Becton, Dickinson & Co.

    It is such a pleasure to provide feedback on the PSM program at Illinois Tech. The education and knowledge I received at IIT is irreplaceable. Before my tenure at IIT, I spent 2 years in a master's program at a highly accredited university. I can truly say the education they provided is far less than that of IIT. The knowledge I gained at IIT is used on a daily basis at my current employer. I am respected, and my input is constantly sought after. I attribute this knowledge from the education I received at IIT. The program was extremely convenient, and it was an extreme delight to work with great professors like Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Cwik! Obtaining my master's degree from IIT was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

    —Vanessa Myers, analytical chemistry graduate, 2011

    "I came to Illinois Institute of Technology to strengthen my chances of getting into dental school. The BCPS department gave me a greater grasp of the sciences that I will need to be successful in my future. In fact, I think I learned more in one year at IIT than I did in all four years of undergraduate studies. All the professors are great lecturers and great teachers. They are always willing to help. Also, at IIT you get to know the entire BCPS department, who also are very helpful and a great resource for students to pull the most out of their education. If you want to be successful in your studies, IIT definitely provides you with the resources to achieve your goals."

    —Alexander Reznikov, 2008 Biology Graduate, Dental Student, University of Illinois at Chicago

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