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Contact: Jeanne Hartig
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Illinois Institue of Technology
IIT Tower
10 West 35th Street, Suite 4D7-1
Chicago, IL 60616
312-567-3104 office
312-567-3243 fax

  • Contact Media Relations:
    Call Jeanne Hartig in Media Relations, 312.567.3104, whenever you are asked to give an interview. This will allow us the opportunity to help you properly prepare for the interview and to track down clippings and tapes after the interview runs.

  • Do Your Homework
    They will. Know your facts. Anticipate questions and prepare answers. Know ahead of time one or two major points you want to stress and get them out as soon as possible.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Correct a Misstatement
    If the premise of a question is wrong or a reporter misstates a fact, don’t be shy about correcting their mistake is a polite manner.

  • Put a Face on a Situation
    Make every effort to make a point with a story or by applying the concept to a real-life situation. This makes your message more compelling.

  • Keep It Simple
    Avoid jargon, lingo, and abbreviations. Use language the public will understand.

  • Be Concise
    Keep answers short and to the point. You stand a better chance of being quoted correctly. For Television interviews, expect that anything you say may very well end up as an 8 to 10 second sound bite.

  • Be a Good Listener
    Listen carefully to each question. Don't assume you know what the question will be.

  • Do Not be Evasive
    If you don't know the answer say so and offer to find out. Avoid bluffing and the "NO COMMENT" answer. If you can't release the information, tell them and explain why.

  • You're the Expert
    Set your own pace. If the interviewer interrupts before you finish answering a question, pause, listen and then continue to answer the initial question. If a reporter calls and you need time to gather the information, say you'll call right back.

  • Do Not Make Off-the-Record Comments
    From "hello", the reporter is working. Anything you say is fair game.

  • Don't Fill the Gaps
    When you're done answering a question, stop talking! You have no obligation to keep the interview going. If the reporter has further questions he/she will ask.

  • Dress Appropriately
    Dress in a way that makes you feel confident. If on television, dress as well as the interviewer.

    If after giving an interview you feel that you misspoke or provided incorrect information, contact the reporter as soon as possible to correct it.

    Ask the reporter when the story will appear. After a story runs, if you’re satisfied with it, let the reporter know. Complimenting a reporter on their work is a good first step in creating an ongoing relationship with them.

    If an error appears, let the reporter know immediately. Contact the reporter directly first, do not go to an editor unless it is a last resort and has been discussed with Media Relations.

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