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    Student Spotlight - Shravani Pasupneti

      Shravani Pasupneti
    Bensenville, IL
    Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA)

    Anticipated Graduation Date: 2007
    Major: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
    Destination: Medical School

    Academic Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholarship
    Richard Babcock Leadership Award
    Best in Category Award for the Illinois Junior Academy Science Fair


    Academic Rewards for College Scientists Donors, twice a year Biomedical Engineering Society Conference in October


    Developing a rapid metabolic test to determine the functionality of islets prior to clinical transplantation (Islet Transplantation Lab, University of Chicago)

    Developing a single tube, whole blood assay to test the efficacy of Streptococcus pneunominae vaccines (Children’s Memorial Hospital)

    The Science of Curiosity

    "For quite a while, I have been fascinated by the relationship between medicine and technology. I was especially interested in cardiology, a field in which technology plays a vital role. Based on the strong engineering programs, I decided to enroll at IIT following my acceptance into the prestigious Honors Program in Engineering and Medicine.

    Going Full Circle

    "Over the last three years of my research project, I was able to use a lot of knowledge from IIT. From ethical conduct to hands-on experience, IIT helped me realize that BME is what I am really interested in. This year, I will also be presenting the results of my project at the National Biomedical Engineering Society Conference, where I presented the research two years prior. I also plan on integrating research into my medical school years, as I know how valuable the experience can be."

    From Team-mate to Team Leader

    "I've always wanted to explore science and wanted to have a lot of interaction with people. My hands-on research experience with my mentor Dr. Opara made it possible to work with a team to isolate and purify the islet cells that were then implanted into a patient. This experience especially made me realize there are countless factors that affect the health of the human body and that is what makes finding treatments for such diseases as diabetes so difficult. Now, as an ARCS Scholar, I will continue to develop a rapid metabolic test to determine the functionality of islet cells prior to clinical transplantation. I hope this leads to promising treatment for patients afflicted with Type 1 diabetes."

    Passion Pays Off

    "Being part of on-campus organizations as well as being a student at IIT has been absolutely amazing. I joined a number of extracurricular clubs, including our campus newspaper TechNews and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). After being the SWE Public Relations Chair, during my time as President, my chapter won a regional award, nearly doubled the number of active members and gained campus recognition. The experience really strengthened my leadership abilities and taught me how necessary it is to be passionately involved."

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