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    Jay Shen, PhD, SE, PE - Associate Professor, CAE

    Jay Shen, PhD, SE, PE

    Associate Professor, CAE
    Director, Structural Engineering Program

    Structural Engineering / Earthquake Engineering

    Office: AM 215
    3201 South Dearborn Street
    Chicago, IL 60616-3793

    Phone: 312.567.5860
    Fax: 312.567.3519



    • Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley


    Dr. Shen's expertise and research interests are in the areas of inelastic behavior of steel structures and earthquake engineering, including cyclic behavior and earthquake-resistant design of steel structures, wind and earthquake induced dynamic problems in structures, and seismic retrofit. His current research includes model-based simulations of large-scale structures; application of imaging technology in structural engineering collapse and failure of structures under natural and man-made disasters; performance-based design of steel structures using energy approach; and seismic study of semi-rigid steel frames. Current projects under study include:
    1. Performance-based seismic design of concentrically and eccentrically braced frames;
    2. Seismic study of deep column steel moment frames using model-based simulation;
    3. Seismic design of steel column base plates;
    4. Pushover study of building frames;
    5. Inelastic behavior of lateral-torsional buckling;
    6. Structural heath monitoring of building structures;
    7. Tension-compression balanced steel braced frames. Dr. Shen is a member of EERI, AISC and ASCE.

    Selected Research Projects

    Seismic study of ductile and non-ductile braced frames; Sponsor: American Institute of Steel Construction; Principal Investigator: J. Shen.

    Innovative structural towers for wind power industry; Sponsor: Chicago Metal Fabricators; Principal Investigator: J. Shen

    Seismic demands on column splices in special moment frames; Sponsor: American Institute of Steel Construction; Principal Investigator: J. Shen.

    Seismic Response and Reduction Factor of Steel Plate Girder Bridges Subjected to Strong Ground Motions; Sponsor: American Institute of Steel Construction; Principal Investigator: J. Shen.

    Seismic Design Study of Deep Columns in Steel Moment Frames; Sponsor: Steel Structural Education Council; Principal Investigator: J. Shen

    Current Projects

    • 1. Performance-based structural design for abnormal loading conditions
    • 2. Model-based simulation of inelastic behavior of structural systems and critical components in steel buildings and bridges
    • 3. Structural condition assessments and health monitoring




    Selected Publications

    Akbas, B., Cai, W., Wen, R. and Shen, J. "Comparative study of ductile and non-ductile braced frames in low to high seismicity regions," Journal of The Structural Design of Tall Buildings January, 2012

    Apirakvorapinit, P., Mohammadi, J.and J. Shen. "Analytical investigation of potential seismic damage to a skewed bridge," Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, February 2012. Vol. 17(1) pp.5-12.

    Shen, X and Shen, J. "Application of spline element and state-space approach to dynamic analysis,"? ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics Journal, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 138, No. 1, pp.22-29, 2012

    Akbas, B., Shen, J. and Sabol, T., "Estimation of seismic-induced demands on column splices with a neural network model," Applied Soft Computing? 2011

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    Akbas, B., Nadar, M., and Shen, J., "A Methodology to Estimate Earthquake Induced Worst Failure Probability of Inelastic Systems," Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol.29, No.2, pp. 187-202, 2008.

    Akbas, B. and Shen, J., "Modeling of Nonlinear Behavior of Double-Angle Shear Connections," Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Vol.2, pp.83-101, 2006.

    Akbas, B., Shen, J., and Temiz, H., "Identifying the Hysteretic Energy Demand and Distribution in Regular Steel Frames", the International Journal of Steel and Composite Structures, Vol. 6, No. 6 (2006).

    Akbas, B. and Shen, J.? "Seismic behavior of steel buildings with combined rigid and semi-rigid frames", Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences Vol.27, No.4, pp.253-264,? 2003.

    Akbas, B. and Shen, J. "Earthquake Resistant Design and Energy Concepts,"

    Technical Journal, Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, Volume 14, No.2, April 2003.

    Professional Society Memberships

    Civil and Architectural Engineering
    3201 South Dearborn Street
    Room 228 Alumni Memorial Hall
    Chicago, IL 60616-3793
    Phone: 312.567.3540