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    Charles W. Pierce Distinguished Alumni Award

    The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering's Charles W. Pierce Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented annually to alumni who have brought recognition to the department through their outstanding contributions to the advancement of the chemical and/or biological engineering professions, and to alumni who have shown exceptional dedication to the department through the generous donation of their time, effort and/or financial resources. The award was renamed in 2007 in honor of the legacy of Charles W. Pierce, the department's first graduate and first-known African-American chemical engineer.

    The awards presentation takes place prior to the annual Ralph Peck Lecture, held each year in the Perlstein Hall auditorium on the IIT main campus.


    Calls for nominations are sent out to faculty and often to alumni as well each year. If you are interested in nominating an alumnus for this award, please review the award criteria below and send a one-page nomination to:

    IIT Chemical & Biological Engineering Department
    ATTN: Distinguished Alumni Award
    10 W. 33rd Street
    Suite 127, Perlstein Hall
    Chicago, IL 60616

    Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria

    Alumni may be nominated for this award based on the criteria listed below:

    • Achievements in the Chemical Engineering or Biological Engineering Professions
    • Leadership position in chemical or biological engineering or related industries
    • Outstanding contributions to research and development in chemical or biological engineering and related fields
    • Outstanding performance in chemical or biological engineering practice
    • Leadership in advancement of the chemical or biological engineering professions, and societal contributions through chemical or biological engineering
    • Major contributions to chemical or biological engineering education

    Service to the IIT Chemical & Biological Engineering Department

    • Significant financial contributions
    • Long-term support of the education and research activities of the department
    • Significant efforts to establish relationships between the department and industry in research, development and technology commercialization program

    Previous Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

    Ray Adomaitis (Ph.D. ChE '85)

    Michael Adewumni (Ph.D. Gas Eng. '85)
    Wen Ryan (Ph.D. ChE '90)
    Madhava Syamlal (Ph.D. ChE '85)

    T. S. Ramakrishnan (Ph.D. ChE '85)

    Ben J. McCoy (ChE '63)
    James E. Stice (M.S. ChE '52, Ph.D. ChE '63)

    Christopher T. Hill (ChE '64)

    Dimitri Gidaspow (Ph.D. GT '63)
    Henry "Hank" Kohlbrand (ChE '73)

    Charles W. Pierce (ChE 1901)

    Lorenz (Larry) T. Biegler (ChE '77)
    Robert E. Boydston (ChE '49)

    Ravi Rhadava (M.S. ChE '66, Ph.D. ChE '70)

    Hamid Arastoopour (M.S. GE '75, Ph.D. GE '78)

    G. V. "Rex" Reklaitis(ChE '65)

    Lois A. Bey (ChE '50)
    Richard Chylla (ChE '83, Ph.D. ChE '87)

    S. R. Cho(M.S. ChE '66)

    Alan Hirsig (ChE '61)

    Richard G. Carlson (ChE '56)

    Robert Anderson (ChE '62)

    Kenneth B. Bischoff(ChE '57, Ph.D. ChE '61)

    Bernard Gamson(ChE '38)
    Henry R. Linden (Ph.D. ChE '52)

    Bernard S. Baker(Ph.D. ChE '69)
    John P. Sach(ChE '48, M.S. ChE ' 50, Ph.D. ChE '52)
    Maynard P. Venema (ChE '32)

    Chemical and Biological Engineering
    Perlstein Hall, Suite 127
    10 W. 33rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60616
    Phone: 312.567.3040
    Fax: 312.567.8874