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    Food Process Engineering

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    Program: Food Process Engineering

    ChBE Certificate Programs

    Students must complete four courses (12 credits) to receive the certificate.

    Required courses(select two from the following):
    CHE 406 Transport Phenomena (Prerequisite: CHE 302)
    CHE 518 Mass-Transfer (Prerequisite: CHE 302)
    CHE 577 Bioprocess Engineering
    CHE 584 Tissue Engineering
    FPE 521 Food Process Engineering
    FPE 522 Advanced Food Process Engineering

    AND two courses from the following group:
    FPE 504 Food Biotechnology
    FPE 505 Food Microbiology
    FPE 506 Food Microbiology Laboratory
    FPE 507 Food Analysis
    FPE 511 Food Law and Regulation
    FPE 524 Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology (For students with non-food science background)
    FPE 531 HACCP Planning and Implementation
    FPE 541 Principles of Food Packaging