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    Process Operations Management

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    1. Biomedical Engineering = BME
    2. Civil, Architectural and
      Environmental Engineering = CAE
    3. Chemical and Biological Engineering = ChBE
    4. Electrical and Computer Engineering = ECE
    5. Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering = MMAE

    Program: Process Operations Management

    ChBE Certificate Programs

    Students must take four courses (12 credits) to receive the certificate.

    Required Courses
    At least one course from each of the following groups:

    CHE 426 Statistical Tools for Engineers
    CHE 533 Statistical Analysis of Systems
    CHE 560 Statistical Quality and Process Control
    CHE 761 Statistical Design of Experiments for Process Improvement

    CHE 435 Process Control
    CHE 437 Discrete Time Systems and Computer Control
    CHE 530 Advanced Process Control (Prerequisite: CHE 435, CHE 437 or equivalent)

    CHE 431 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering
    CHE 508 Process Design Optimization
    CHE 528 Analysis and Simulation of Chemical Processing
    CHE 532 Process Modeling