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    Master of Science in Computer Science/Master of Chemical Engineering

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    1. Biomedical Engineering = BME
    2. Civil, Architectural and
      Environmental Engineering = CAE
    3. Chemical and Biological Engineering = ChBE
    4. Electrical and Computer Engineering = ECE
    5. Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering = MMAE

    Program: Master of Science in Computer Science/Master of Chemical Engineering

    ChBE Grduate Programs

    Candidates are required to take 18 credit hours in graduate chemical engineering courses (courses numbered 500 or higher) and 26 credit hours in computer science courses (of which 20 credit hours must be in courses numbered 500 or higher). The 18 credit hours in chemical engineering courses consist of 12 credit hours in core courses listed in the description of the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering requirements and six credit hours from the following courses:

    CHE 507 Computer-Aided Design
    CHE 508 Process Design and Optimization
    CHE 528 Analysis and Simulation of Chemical Processing
    CHE 532 Process Modeling
    CHE 533 Statistical Analysis of Systems
    CHE 536 Computational Techniques in Engineering
    CHE 560 Statistical Quality and Process Control

    Students should refer to the Department of Computer Science for details on computer science course requirements for the dual degree.