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    Master of Science in Food Process Engineering

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    Program: Master of Science in Food Process Engineering

    ChBE Graduate Programs

    Candidates are required to take a total of 32 credit hours, 12 credits of which must be for the core courses listed below, and six to eight credit hours must be in research and thesis work.

    Core Course (choose 4 of the following):
    FPE 505 Food Microbiology
    FPE 521 Food Process Engineering
    FPE 522 Advanced Food Process Engineering
    FPE 524 Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology (For students with non-food science background)
    FPE 541 Principles of Food Packaging

    Proficiency Requirement
    These courses may be required if the student has not taken an equivalent course at the undergraduate level:
    CHE 406 Transport Phenomena
    CHE 423 Chemical Reaction Engineering
    CHE 435 Process Control

    The student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0 in the core areas. In addition to the core courses, coursework may be selected (with adviser approval) to satisfy the needs of the individual student or may be concentrated in one of the following areas of specialization:

    Process and product development
    Food processing operations
    Food Safety
    Food Biotechnology
    Process and quality monitoring and control
    Required courses for these specializations are described in the course descriptions.

    Students must take at least two courses from the following group of food process engineering courses:
    FPE 504 Food Biotechnology
    FPE 506 Food Microbiology Laboratory
    FPE 507 Food Analysis
    FPE 511 Food Law and Regulation
    FPE 531 HACCP Planning and Implementation

    Students must take at least two courses from the following group of chemical and environmental engineering courses:
    CHE 439 Numerical Analysis
    CHE 494 Chemical Process Design
    CHE 560 Statistical Quality and Process Control
    CHE 573 Bioseparations
    CHE 577 Bioprocess Engineering
    CHE 579 Enzyme Reactor Engineering
    CHE 761 Statistical Design of Experiments for Process Improvement
    CHE 771 Applications of Enzymes and Microbes in Food Processing
    ENVE 513 Biotechnological Processes in Wastewater Treatment
    ENVE 542 Environmental Unit Processes

    A thesis may be completed outside the department only by special arrangement with the department chair. The final examination is normally oral, but may be written at the discretion of the thesis examining committee.