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    Graduate Admission

    ECE Graduate Program Overview

    Graduate Degrees

    The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers academic programs in advanced study to graduates with technical background in preparation for careers in industry and in academic research. In addition to the doctoral and master's degrees, which are granted in recognition of research contribution and course work, the department offers a number of professional master's degrees and certificate programs to enable practicing engineers to pursue continuing education in their areas of interest.

    Master of Biomedical Imaging and Signals
    Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Master of Electricity Markets
    Master of Network Engineering
    Master of Power Engineering
    Master of Science in Computer Engineering
    Master of Science in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
    Master of Telecommunications and Software Engineering
    Master of VLSI and Microelectronics
    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering
    Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

    Certificate Programs

    Certificate programs provide a student with knowledge in an area of specialization within electrical and computer engineering. Students in these programs register as certificate non-degree seeking students. Certificates are granted upon completion of all course requirements in the chosen specialization area, as listed below with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Certificate programs must be completed within five years.

    It is the student's responsibility to meet all course prerequisites. Any student admitted to a master's degree program offered by the department may apply coursework completed in the certificate program toward the master's degree requirements.

    Advanced Electronics
    Applied Electromagnetics
    Communication Systems
    Computer Engineering
    Control Systems
    Electricity Markets
    Power Electronics
    Power Engineering
    Signal Processing
    Wireless Communications Engineering

    Short Courses

    Short courses in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are continually updated based on demand and availability. Visit the class schedule search link for the most current listings. All short courses are 700-level.