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    Master of Biomedical Imaging and Signals

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    1. Biomedical Engineering = BME
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    3. Chemical and Biological Engineering = ChBE
    4. Electrical and Computer Engineering = ECE
    5. Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering = MMAE

    Program: Master of Biomedical Imaging and Signals

    ECE Graduate Programs

    Course Requirements

    Required core courses
    ECE 511 Analysis of Random Signals
    ECE 565 Computer Vision and Image Processing and/or ECE 481 Image Processing
    ECE 569 Digital Signal Processing II and /or ECE 437 Digital Signal Processing I
    BME 450 (or BIOL 430) Physiology

    Elective courses (minimum of 2 courses)
    ECE 508 Data Compression
    ECE 505 Applied Optimization For Engineers
    ECE 566 Statistical Pattern Recognition
    ECE 567 Statistical Signal Processing
    ECE 568 Digital Speech Processing
    ECE 597 Special Project in Biomedical Imaging and Signals

    BME elective courses (minimum of 1 course)
    BME 430 Concepts of Medical Imaging
    BME 501 Biomedical Instrumentation
    BME 532 Medical Imaging Science
    BME 535 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    BME 538 Neuroimaging
    BME 551 Physiological Signal Analysis & Control Theory I
    BME 552 Physiological Signal Analysis & Control Theory II
    BME 597 Wave Physics and Applied Optics for Imaging Scientist

    With advisor's approval, students may take up to two senior or graduate level courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, chemical engineering, or mechanical engineering on subjects related to biomedical engineering.