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    Communication & Signal Processing

    Communications and Signal Processing encompasses (but is not limited to)  wireless communications, wireless network analysis and integration, speech and image processing and recognition, optics, microwave communications and electronics, and digital signal processing for audio and video applications.

    This area also includes medical imaging research topics such as image sequence processing, pattern recognition,  reconstruction and restoration of images, EEG/MEG signal processing, tomographic imaging techniques, and image processing for biomedicine.

    Computers & Microelectronics

    This area includes (but is not limited to) network management, optical networks, Internet performance analysis, very large system integration (VLSI), system-on-a-chip, computer architecture, hardware/software design, Internet security, and RFIC design for digital communication and wireless medical technology.

    Power & Control

    This area of research includes (but is not limited to) energy and sustainability, large scale power systems, system security, economics and control of electrical power systems, alternative energy sources, hybrid technology, power electronics, nonlinear and intelligent systems, electric machines, and vehicular power systems.