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    Communication & Signal Processing


    Dr. Robert Arzbaecher

    Professor Emeritus
    Expertise: signal processing applications to electrocardiology, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm problems.

    Dr. Guillermo Atkin

    Associate Professor
    Expertise: Modulation and coding, digital mobile and wireless communication, spreadspectrum and optical communication systems.

    Dr. Suresh Borkar

    Senior Lecturer
    Expertise: 3G Wireless, Computer Architecture, Probability and Random Variables, Switching Theory, Reliability Theory, Hardware Testing

    Dr. Jovan G. Brankov

    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: Medical imaging, image sequence processing, pattern recognition and data mining. Emphasis on reconstruction, restoration, analysis (e.g. motion tracking, segmentation), recognition and images acquisition, especially for biomedical applications.

    Dr. Henry Stark

    Motorola Professor
    Expertise: Image reconstruction, medical imaging, pattern recognition, signal processing and sampling theory,optics.

    Dr. Miles Wernick (area coordinator)

    Expertise: Medical imaging, image processing, pattern recognition.

    Dr. Erwin Weber

    Professor Emeritus
    Expertise: interaction of electromagnetic fields with electronic systems and circuits.

    Dr. Thomas Wong

    Expertise: Microwave communications systems, nonlinear device measurement, semiconductor device theory, microwave electronics and instrumentation.

    Dr. Yongyi Yang

    Associate Professor
    Expertise: Image and signal processing, data compression, applied mathematical and statistical methods.

    Dr. Imam Samil Yetik

    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: EEG/MEG signal processing, tomographic imaging techniques and image processing for biomedicine, and time-frequency analysis.

    Dr. Chi Zhou

    Assistant Professor
    Expertise: wireless communications and mobile networks in general, specifically power control/resource allocation for various wireless networks, integration of heterogeneous networks, and reliable communications over OFDM or MIMO systems.