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    Associate Professor Matthew Spenko Interviewed by CBS 2 News about the Manufacturing of Guns on 3D-Printers

    Prof. Matthew Spenko Photo

    Matthew Spenko, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and an expert in mechanical design and the use of 3D-printers, was interviewed by CBS 2 Chicago on May 15, 2013. Professor Spenko was asked if 3D printers can make reliable and untraceable guns out of special plastics. He stated that we are a long way from making high quality guns, but that it is possible to make a gun that will shoot several times. Recently, a Texas man successfully fired a plastic gun and put the design data on his website until the government shut it down. Professor Spenko added that for about a decade, IIT has been using a 3D-printer very similar to the one the Texas man used to make his plastic gun. Watch Video