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    Armour College of Engineering faculty drive the advancement of most of Illinois Institute of Technology's research institutes and centers, including the two multi-disciplinary research institutes highlighted here.

    For a complete list, visit the IIT Research website.

    The Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research [WISER]

    The institute develops close collaborations among numerous programs at IIT with a focus on development of energy-related interprofessional educational and research programs and proposals. The strategy of the institute is to use a least-cost path to improve energy efficiency, enhance power reliability and security, minimize pollution, and continue the decarbonization of the global energy system. IIT researchers believe that the endpoint of this evolution will be electrification of most stationary energy uses with such high-tech renewables as photovoltaic, solar-thermal and wind energy, and the use of hydrogen as the dominant transportation fuel in fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles. The institute also has plans to develop research and educational partnerships with the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, industry, national laboratories and other universities. The institute goal is to play a major role in identifying future research directions for shaping national energy policy and sustainability initiatives. For more information, contact Hamid Arastoopour at 312.567.3038 or

    A Pathway to Sustainability:Overview of IIT energy and sustainability initiatives

    The Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering

    The Pritzker Institute is an umbrella organization that enhances the biomedical science and engineering research activities on the IIT campus. The Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC), the Center for Integrative Neuroscience and Neuroengineering research (CINNR), and the Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education (ECDRE) are some of the Centers that operate under the Institute. Each of the Centers has a Director and is described in more detail elsewhere in this document.The Pritzker Institute develops and coordinates relationships and programs with traditional science and engineering departments within IIT, as well as outside institutions, especially, Argonne National Laboratory, Rush Presbyterian Medical Center and the University of Chicago. Vincent Turitto, Director, can be reached at 312.567.5324 or

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