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    Office of Financial Aid

    Perlstein Hall, 206
    10 W 33rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60616

    Phone: 312.567.7219
    Toll Free: 866.901.1866
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    Office Hours:
    M-F 8:30 AM - 5PM

    Counseling Hours:
    12 PM - 3PM daily

    Policies and Procedures

    In accordance with federal regulations under the Title IV of Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended) the Illinois Institute of Technology is required to publish several policies and procedures for its students. In addition to these policies, we have also published several of our institutional policies that we believe our students need to be familiar with. If you have any questions about these policies or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us.

    Award Revision Policy
    Conduct Code
    Constitution Day
    Disbursement and Refund
    Drug Conviction Policy
    Financial Aid Fraud Policy
    Graduate Tuition Income Voucher (ITV)
    Housing Scholarship Policy
    Less Than Full-Time Enrollment Policy
    ROTC Scholarship Policy
    Satisfactory Academic Progress
    Scholarship Policy and Guidelines
    Semesters of Eligibility
    Summer Term Financial Aid Policy
    Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Scholarship Policy
    Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

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