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    General Expectations and Commitments for Undergraduate Students

    Recipients of Undergraduate Institutional Scholarships at Illinois Institute of Technology

    As an IIT student, you represent one of many ambassadors of the university.

    It is a great privilege for the university — on behalf of its many donors and benefactors — to be able to offer institutional scholarships to support a student's education at IIT, and as such, the university believes that all student recipients of these scholarship funds also assume certain expectations and responsibilities with regard to the stewardship of university gifts to support undergraduate education.

    As an institutional scholarship recipient, we anticipate that you will add to the distinction of the Illinois Institute of Technology community in constructive and responsible ways while a student and then as a graduate. As part of accepting your undergraduate institutional scholarships, you are agreeing to comply with the following guidelines and expectations:

    1. Recognize that the institutional scholarships are supported by the annual gifts of thousands of IIT alumni who — in many instances — were once recipients of similar funds and which now — through their generosity — are enabling the next generation of students to matriculate at the university.
    2. If you are matched with a donor, you will be notified via e-mail by the Office of Institutional Advancement with the appropriate details related to the donor. You agree to write a letter of thanks to the donor in a timely manner upon request of the Institutional Advancement staff. In addition, you agree to meet with the donor when appropriate.
    3. Your letters and online profile will address your academic and professional goals and document progress toward these goals. You understand that you may be contacted for your permission to publish part or all of these letters, to share these letters with IIT Trustees and donors, and/or to have part or all of these letters quoted in IIT publications. You understand that without your express consent, nothing will be published and/or shared and that the failure to grant your consent will have no adverse effect on you or your award package at IIT.
    4. You acknowledge that the failure to complete the online profile for scholarship recipients and/or to write a letter of thanks to an individual donor may result in a hold on the disbursement of all institutional scholarships for the following semester. The Office of Financial Aid will notify any student if this hold is placed on his or her student record. Institutional funds will only be disbursed by the Office of Financial Aid upon notification that said obligations have been completed.
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