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    Graduate Funding Policy

    A graduate student may be offered funding at the time of admission from the Office of Graduate Admission or their academic unit in the form of a fellowship, scholarship, voucher, or assistantship. All forms of funding will be processed based on the terms set forth by the awarding department.

    Graduate awards designated for tuition must be included towards one's total Cost of Attendance (Budget), as outlined by the Office of Financial Aid. As funds are entered for a student each academic year, the Office of Financial Aid may make adjustments to a student's federal aid offers in order to stay within a student's total Cost of Attendance (Budget) for the academic year. Total awards at IIT cannot exceed the total Cost of Attendance (Budget). The total of institutional awards (fellowship, scholarship, voucher, or TA/RA assistantship) cannot exceed tuition charges.

    If graduate funding is applied after the start of the term, the Office of Financial Aid may have to return all or a portion of a student's Federal Student Loans to maintain compliant with the Department of Education. If a student knows they are receiving funding and would like an estimate incorporated into their Cost of Attendance (Budget) up front, the Office of Financial aid can estimate the funds and adjust a student's account prior to the start of the semester. Please notify the the office via email for such consideration. In any case, the Office of Financial Aid will not post any graduate funds from the Office of Graduate Admission or an academic unit until the funds have been officially processed by the awarding unit.
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