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    Graduate Tuition Income Voucher

    A graduate student receiving funding in the form of a fellowship, scholarship, or assistantship receives funding from the academic unit directly. If you are receiving funding from your department, here are all the steps which need to be completed, in order for you money to be disbursed to your account:

    1. Academic unit offers funding to student.
    2. Students without a work requirement: when student arrives on campus they must contact academic department Income Tuition Voucher (ITV) coordinator and advise them of tuition fellowship. The academic unit verifies the student eligibility for funding (tuition only voucher).
    3. Students with a work requirement: when student arrives on campus they should contact academic department ITV coordinator and advise them of assistantship. Then the student initiates process for employment eligibility with the Career Management Center (CMC).
    4. Academic unit enters stipend voucher after notification eligibility for employment from CMC. If student does not receive a stipend by September 9 (fall semester) or February 3 (spring semester), they should contact their academic department's ITV coordinator.
    5. Academic unit enters tuition voucher after the add/drop date, once credit hours and total tuition is verified. Students begin checking their accounts on the MyIIT portal to see if tuition is applied to their account. Student must continue to check account throughout this period until tuition is applied. If tuition is not applied in a timely manner, then the student must contact academic department ITV coordinator to address an problems.
    6. The voucher is reviewed by all required administrative offices and is either approved or rejected.
    7. Rejected vouchers are returned to the initiating academic unit for further action or communication with the student. Students must continue checking their accounts for tuition funding and communicate with their academic department's ITV coordinator during this period.
    8. The academic units have 3 weeks to process tuition vouchers for the semester, except for those student funded later in the academic term.
    9. Bursar and Payroll process funding as received in the approval queues.
    10. Tuition credit may not appear on the student account until after all deadlines and approvals occur. Students must NOT wait until the third week to check their accounts. At this time, all student should either have tuition applied or should have talked to the academic department ITV coordinator.

    If you are aware you are receiving a tuition voucher from your department, please notify the Office of Financial of the amount you plan to receive, so we can incorporate this into your budget for the academic year. You can easily submit this information on your myIIT portal, on the Finances Tab, click Financial Aid awards in the middle of the page, select the current aid year, and select the Resources/Additional Information tab. You can indicate the amount you expect to receive and the Office of Financial Aid will use this projection for your budget. In any case, the Office of Financial Aid will not post these funds to your account until an official notification is submitted from you academic department ITV coordinator.

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