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    Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Scholarship Revision Policy

    Tuition remission is a benefit available to eligible IIT employees. To determine eligibility, please confirm with Human Resources. The full HR policy related to processing tuition remission benefits can be found on the work tab on the Human Resources portal page.

    Tuition remission cannot be received with any undergraduate scholarships. Graduate funding may be applied with tuition remission, based on the guidelines from individual graduate units. If you have questions about this policy, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid directly at any time. Below are some key processing points aimed to provide further clarity on the policy:

    • Eligible employees and/or dependents who receive tuition remission or tuition exchange are not eligible for any original undergraduate institutional scholarship offers. When tuition remission is processed, original undergraduate institutional awards will be canceled on the student account. This includes scholarships designated for room and/ or board.

    • Tuition remission forms must be submitted to Human Resources every semester. Failure to submit the form before the start of the term may result in late fees on the student bill.

    • If at any time a student wishes to have their original undergraduate institutional scholarship apply instead of the tuition remission, the student must contact the offices of Financial Aid, Human Resources and Student Accounting.

    • In the event tuition remission is no longer available, i.e. the employee applying for the benefit is no longer employed at IIT, original scholarships will be reinstated to the student account for the amount they received through the admission process. Students must contact the Office of Financial Aid in this situation to ensure proper processing of original undergraduate institutional scholarships.

    • Donor funded scholarships may be applied differently, in accordance with the donor agreement.

    • VA benefits combined with tuition remission cannot exceed the cost of tuition and fees.
      • Students who are eligible for 100% Yellow Ribbon benefits will NOT be eligible for tuition remission.
      • Students who qualify for benefits less than 100% will be eligible to receive the full VA benefit portion. The portion not covered by VA benefits can then be covered through tuition remission.
    • Students receiving both tuition remission and the State of IL MAP Grant cannot have the combination of the two awards exceed mandatory tuition and fees. Student accounts with both awards will be processed for the full amount of MAP eligibility and the remainder in the tuition remission benefit.


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