Writing a Thesis Using MS Word

    Add iitthesis.dot template to your MS Word templates

    If you decide to write your thesis using MS Word, you must first add the iitthesis template to the Microsoft Word templates. To do this, the iitthesis2.dot template file should be saved on your hard disk under the templates folder available at:

    Documents and settings\’your username’ \Application data\Microsoft\templates

    In this way, MS Word will add it to its general templates. Note that this folder is a hidden one and you should activate Show hidden files and folders in your explorer folder options to see it. If this is done correctly, a template icon with the iitthesis name will appear in the File/New window under the General tab. Simply select iitthesis and open a new document.

    iitthesis MS Word Template

    iitthesis.dot template provides a basic thesis layout, which meets the IIT thesis manual requirement. It consists of the following parts:

    • Cover page
    • Acknowledgement
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Tables
    • List of Figures
    • List of Symbols
    • Abstract
    • Appendix
    • Bibliography
    • 5 Chapters each having 3 sections. (You may delete chapter and sections or add extra ones in case your thesis has a different number of chapters and sections).

    In addition, one sample figure as well as one sample table with the relevant sub notes are provided. The template is made using MS Word fields. Each field can be selected by clicking on it and you may then begin entering text.

    Style Elements Template
    This template has defined several style elements for Microsoft Word. You can cut-and-paste one- or two-line figure titles and table titles and insert columns and rows as needed to formatted tables.

    Please Note-
    This template only provides a basic layout of what is required (i.e. contrary to the LaTeX template, it is not “intelligent” enough to automatically number pages, figures and tables, or create a bibliography). Therefore, all of the following should be done manually:

    • Number pages, tables and figures, and their related numbers in the Table of Contents page
    • Provide bibliography parts and the relevant citations
    • Revise the above items if any related changes are made (e.g. a figure/table/page is added or deleted)

    Download iitthesis2.dot

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