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    What is tuition for graduate studies?
    All tuition, rates, and fees are posted at

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    What options do I have for paying my tuition?
    IIT offers tuition deferral and installment payment plans. If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan, you may be able to apply for a deferred payment plan that will allow you to delay payment until you have received reimbursement from your employer. You must submit an application and fee, and a letter from your employer, in order to participate. IIT also offers installment payment plans for full and part-time students. Consult Student Accounting for more information about payment plans.

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    Is financial aid available?
    Yes. Graduate fellowships, teaching assistantships, and graduate assistantships are awarded by departments to a very limited number of highly qualified students at the time of admission. The Graduate College also provides a limited number of partial scholarships for graduate students, based on academic performance as an undergraduate. US citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for federal student loan programs. For information on student loans contact the Student Finance Center at 312.567.7219. or visit the Office of Financial Aid.

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    What is full-time status and how does it affect me?
    Full-time status requires registration in at least 9 hours for graduate students.

    Graduate students are eligible for federal aid and continued deferment of existing loans if they are registered for half-time (4.5 hours) or greater. Graduate students taking less than half-time hours can file for a forbearance to extend their deferment. Continuing graduate students taking one or more hours of 591, 600, 691 or PSYC 599 are automatically forced to special full-time status due to thesis research or Ph.D. candidacy continuation.

    International students taking less than full-time hours must apply for full-time equivalency with the International Center at to remain in compliance with SEVIS requirements. International students who meet the ICenter’s criteria for full-time equivalency are reported as such by the ICenter and do not have their actual student time status adjusted on their academic record.

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    Does IIT offer career placement and planning services?
    The Career Management Center offers resume writing assistance, mock interviews, job fairs and postings and many other career related services to IIT students. The center also provides services to business and industry seeking to recruit IIT students. If you have a job to post, please visit the center's website and follow the links for employers.

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    How do I get a part-time on-campus job?
    IIT's Career Management Center maintains an online database of on-campus jobs. International students should be aware that there are strict restrictions on the type of employment they may accept while in the US on a student visa. Visit the International Center online or call 312.567.3680 for additional information.

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