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    Campus Housing Move In

    Welcome to Illinois Institute of Technology! Whether you are a new or returning resident, we hope you can find this brochure helpful when planning your move to campus housing. Please take the time to review the important enclosed information We are busy preparing for your campus arrival, and look forward to welcoming you soon.

    The 2014-2015 academic year will be full of learning experiences for you, both in the classroom and in your new living community. The staff of Residence and Greek Life is prepared to help you make a smooth transition. Our staff will be up bright and early to help make your move-in just right!

    Move In begins at 9:00am on Wednesday, August 20.

    View the 2013 Move In Guide online.  The 2014 Move In Guide will be available soon.

    Thank you for choosing Illinois Institute of Technology. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

    Roommates and Room Assignments


    Housing assignments are made based on your application preferences, as well as, gender and date of application. Residence and Greek Life makes every attempt to honor roommate requests. However, due to the high demand for campus housing, we cannot honor all roommate requests.

    We encourage you to take time to get to know your new roommate. The Roommate Agreement provided by your RA can assist you in having conversations about items that may result in roommate conflict.

    You may contact your roommate and get details on your room assignment using the information found in your roommates profile in MyRoom viewable at: Room assignments will be made by July 15.


    Residence and Greek Life encourages all residents to arrive on Wednesday, August 20 between 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Due to extenuating circumstances, some residents may need to move in earlier than Wednesday, August 20.

    If you need to move in early, please contact Residence and Greek Life no later than July 31, 2014. Request early arrival permission here.  You will be notified via email with early arrival instructions. Please allow 3 business days for a response. All early arrivals will be assessed a fee of $45 for each night prior to August 20. Requests for early arrival are granted based on resident needs and available space; please know not all early arrival requests will be granted, so please wait for a confirmation before arriving. Residents arriving early may be placed into temporary housing accommodations. If you are planning to arrive prior to August 20 at 9 a.m, please submit your request to Residence and Greek Life online at:

    Early arrival permission for residents not affiliated with an IIT group will not be permitted to move in to the residence halls prior to August 18.


    Move-In is also available August 21-24 between 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Residents should expect delays, as not all services will be available. Residents who do not arrive by the first day of school on Monday, August 25 at 5 p.m., will have their contracts canceled and may be billed for full academic year cancellation fees. If you are planning to arrive after August 25 at 5 p.m., please contact Residence and Greek Life by sending an email to


    If your plans change and you will not be enrolling for the Fall semester, you must notify BOTH Residence and Greek Life and the Office of Admissions, separately, in writing (email, fax, or letter). The 2014-2015 Room and Board Contract is valid for the entire academic year. Canceling your contract will result in financial penalties. You may review the 2014-2015 Room and Board Contract for cancellation terms and policies.


    Meeting and living with your new roommate is an exciting event that can enhance your college experience. We encourage you to contact your new roommate as soon as possible. Two things you want to do in your initial phone call or email are to get to know each other a bit and then coordinate with your roommate what items to bring.


    You don’t need to find out everything about your roommate in this first call or email; after all, you have a whole year to get to know each other. Sometimes it’s hard to get the conversation rolling, so here are a few topics you may want to discuss before arriving on campus:

    • What sort of activities do you want to get involved with on campus?
    • What do you plan on studying?
    • What do you like to do for fun?
    • Who will bring what to campus (TV, fridge, etc.)?
    • What are your tastes in music, art, sports, etc?
    • Be careful not to jump to conclusions based on social networking profiles.

    When you arrive to campus, your RA will give you a Roommate Agreement to complete with your roommate. The Roommate Agreement serves as a prompt to begin conversations about some basic aspects of living and potential sources of conflict. Some of the topics include: How do you like to study? Are you a morning or night person? Do you prefer an organized room or a more casual room? How do you feel about visitors in the room? If I do something you’re not happy about, how would you like us to handle it?

    What happens if you have a disagreement with your roommate? Talk to him or her. Most disagreements can be solved with open communication. Your Resident Advisor can assist you in preparing for a conversation with your roommate. If you still have trouble after the conversation, your RA may assist you in mediating your conflict.


    Residence and Greek Life works with residents to provide needed accommodations and support residents with disabilities so that they are able to fully participate in programs and services that are available at IIT. Residence and Greek Life closely partners with the Center for Disability Resources. Please contact Residence and Greek Life by July 1, 2014 if you will need additional accommodation.

    Understanding Your Meal Plan

    The Commons is the primary dining resource for residents living on campus. Residents have a number of meal plans to choose from and many come with an allotment of Bonus Points each semester. Bonus Points give you convenient access to meals or snacks at any IIT Dining outlet, whereas meals must be used during designated meal periods in the Commons Cafeteria. For more information on campus dining, visit

    What to Bring


    Below is a suggested checklist of items to consider bringing with you when you arrive on campus. For more information about prohibited items, please view the Residence and Greek Life Handbook.


    Bathrobe Comfortable shoes
    Dress shoes Gloves
    Hat Light jacket
    Pajamas / long underwear Pants / jeans
    Running or athletic shoes Shirts
    Shorts Socks
    Swimsuit Underwear
    Winter Coat
    Extra-long twin sheets (39" x 80" x 9") Heavy & light weight jacket
    Clothes hangers Detergent
    Fabric softner / dryer sheets Laundry bag or basket
    Sewing kit
    Bicycle & lock Bicycle helmet
    Books Your music collection
    Playing cards, and other games Music player
    Posters Whiteboard
    Dry erase markers Removable adhesive strips (Command, 3m, etc.)
    Electronics & School Supplies:
    Alarm clock Batteries
    Telephone TV
    DVD Player Scientific calculator
    Floor Lamp (these are not provided in SSV, GU or Carman Hall) Desk lamp
    Camera Hair dryer
    Computer or laptop Printer (and paper)
    Specialized software Surge Protector
    Thumb drive/USB Wireless card
    Coaxial Cable Small fan (Fowler, GU, Carman are not air conditioned)
    Iron (lounge use only)
    Personal Care:
    can opener Mugs and cups
    Napkins or paper towels Cups & plates
    Plastic utensils Snack foods
    Water bottle Personal toiletries
    Bath towel Sandals & shower shoes
    First aid kit Prescription medication
    Shower caddy (not provided in showers)
    Book ends Plunger (for use in suites and apartments)
    School supplies


    These items are NOT allowed in McCormick Student Village, State Street Village, Gunsaulus Hall and Carman Hall:

    Alcohol (if you are under 21) Appliances with an exposed heating element
    Candles & incense Drum sets
    Hot plates Illegal drugs
    Banned substances Microwaves (permitted in GU, SSV, CA apartments)
    Music Amplifiers Pets (except fish in a tank less than 5 gallons)
    Refrigerators over 3.0 cubic feet or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated) Multiple refrigerators in a room or apartment
    Extension cords & outlet splitters Space heaters
    Toaster or toaster ovens (permitted in GU, SSV, CA apartments) Waterbeds
    Weapons Hookahs
    Explosives Fire Propellants

    Please know that all campus housing is smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in all campus housing. Alcohol (if you’re under 21)

    Residence Hall Amenities


    Decide who will bring the telephone, answering machine, TV, etc. Will one of you be bringing a small refrigerator or do you want to rent one? How about decorating your room? Area rug or no? Please see the included list of what to bring and what not to bring.


    Laundry machines are located in various locations in MSV, SSV, and Gunsaulus. The laundry rooms are open 24 hours. Laundry in IIT residence halls is provided free of charge.


    Micro-fridges are available for semester and academic year rentals. Many residents find it convenient to have a microwave and refrigerator for snacks and late night meals. Place your order online at: All orders placed by July 30, will be delivered to your residence hall room before you arrive.

    Refrigerators allowed in resident rooms are subject to restrictions dictated by safety and health considerations. Approved refrigerators should not exceed 3.0 cubic feet (or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated) and should not draw more than 2.0 amps. All wiring should be UL-approved and properly grounded. There is a maximum of one refrigerator or micro-fridge per room or apartment. Microwaves are not permitted, although there are microwaves in public spaces throughout the residence halls.


    Place your order online at: All orders placed by August 1, will be delivered to your residence hall room before you arrive. Lofts can only be rented for residents living in MSV and Gunsaulus. Lofts are not available for SSV and Carman.

    Any non-approved lofts will need to be removed by the resident immediately. Residents cannot construct their own lofts. No furniture can be removed to accommodate lofts, as additional storage space is not available.


    Few things mean as much as a gift from home. Start the semester off right by sending your resident a Surprise Someone Care Package. Don’t stop there! Continue to let your special someone know you are thinking of them by sending care packages throughout the year. The Healthy “Brains and Grains” Package is a perfect way to start off the new school year.

    Let IIT Dining Services prepare a personalized celebration cake, a get-well-soon package, or any of our uniquely themed care packages. Order your Surprise Someone Packages today and you will get you an A+ for thoughtfulness.

    For more information about the Surprise Someone Program, visit and click on the Gifts link or call 312.567.5251.


    The HawkCard is your picture identification card given to you by the Illinois Institute of Technology. It not only serves as your ID, but also gives you access to the residence and dining halls, laundry and vending, parking lots, computer labs, Keating Hall athletic facilities, the shuttle bus, library equipment check out, meal information, and TechCash balances. Use of a HawkCard by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued is prohibited. Unauthorized alteration of a HawkCard for any purpose is strictly prohibited.


    Room amenities include bunkable bed frames with mattresses, drapes or mini-blinds; dressers; study desk and chair; telephone jack; and access to wireless network. Apartment style housing may include additional furnishing. Room layouts and dimensions are available for standard room types on the Residence and Greek Life website at:


    If you are shipping personal belongings, please have them arrive after Wednesday, August 14. IIT is not able to accept resident packages prior to Wednesday, August 14.

    MSV Mailing address:
    3241 South Wabash Avenue
    Box #
    Chicago, IL 60616

    SSV Mailing address:
    3201 South State Street
    Box #
    Chicago, IL 60616

    Gunsaulus Hall address:
    3201 South State Street
    Box #
    Chicago, IL 60616

    Carman Hall address:
    3201 South State Street
    Box #
    Chicago, IL 60616

    You can find your mailing address & mailbox number in your profile in MyRoom viewable at:

    Scarlet Hawk Technology


    Office of Technology Services, commonly known as OTS, is a administrative division of Illinois Institute of Technology with primary responsibility for the University’s hardware, software, network and telecommunications systems. A few of the most commonly used services are listed below. You can learn more about OTS online at:

    Some residence technologies, such as and campus cable are managed through Residence and Greek Life. You can learn more about RGL online at:


    Residents have access to multiple computer labs across campus. IIT labs offer the use of PC and Mac computers, and provide other services such as printing and scanning. For information on computer labs, please visit:


    Many students will update their computers and software in preparation for coursework at IIT. Prior to making any purchases, it is recommended that you speak with your academic advisor. Additional recommendations can be found at:


    IIT provides each resident with access to the internet. Residents are also able to connect to the internet in their room via the wireless ‘N’ network. Visit for more information about wireless internet.


    Each resident room in MSV, Gunsaulus Hall and Carman Hall is equipped with one live telephone jack. SSV is equipped with one telephone jack per person per room. Residents are responsible for providing a personal analog or touch-tone telephone handset. Telephone jack activation and registration is free and available online at:

    Free services include campus-wide dialing and toll-free numbers (800, 866, 877, 888). To make outgoing calls, a phone card is required.

    Collect calls may not be accepted. For your convenience, “campus-only” wall phones are in the main common areas of MSV.

    MY.IIT.EDU is the web portal used to access your tuition account information, register for classes, update your demographic information, view your grades and perform a majority of University related tasks. For more information view:


    Residents can view their housing assignment and board plan online at: View this page for campus housing updates and to make changes to your account. This service is managed by Residence and Greek Life.


    All of IIT’s residence halls have access to free campus cable. Various programming is available, and feedback about channels selections is always welcome. View the programming options online. This service is managed by Residence and Greek Life.

    Your Move In Day Experience


    1 Park your vehicle in a 15-minute designated unloading zone (see map). Remember, parking is prohibited on State Street.

    2 Bring your student ID to your designated residence hall check-in location. All check in locations are in McCormick Student Village. Pick up your keys, Room Condition Form (RCF) and 2013-2014 Residence Hall Handbook.

    3 Unload items from the designated 15-minute unloading zone. Once your vehicle is unloaded, move it to the Move-In Day parking lots.

    4 Unpack! Meet your new roommates! Get to know your residence hall! Get involved!

    5 Return the Room Condition Form to Residence and Greek Life no later than Friday, August 31.  Turn it in the day you move in to avoid losing it! A $50 fee will be assessed to residents who fail to turn their RCF in on time.


    1 Manage your belongings. If you need a moving truck, you are bringing too much! However, a dolly or hand truck will be helpful for a quick move in.

    2 Label your boxes! Pack smaller boxes that are not too heavy. Not all buildings have elevators, and it is common for lines to be very long when waiting for the elevator.

    3 Recruit family and friends to assist you. When you are unloading your car and getting your belongings up to your room quickly, it is beneficial to have helping hands. 

    4 Bring your patience. Residence and Greek Life staff will be at all buildings to make your Move-In day seamless. Traffic can be heavy with nearly 1,500 residents and families moving in.

    5 Observe all parking restrictions and traffic patterns. Don’t park in fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes, roadways, or other areas not designated for parking.

    Getting Involved


    The staff at IIT strives to maintain an on campus environment that fosters both the academic and personal growth of its residents. There are many opportunities for involvement and leadership in the residence halls. By taking advantage of such opportunities, residents have a chance to grow through the development of new friendships, exploration of new ideas and involvement in new activities.

    Your Resident Advisor (RA) is a student staff member who is trained to help acclimate you to community life and to assist you with your needs. They lead floor meetings and plan social and educational programming to help your community unite. There are forty-one Resident Advisors to serve as resources while you stay in the residence halls.

    Your Community Desk Assistant (CDA) staff is comprised of over 100 student staff members. The team works to greet you when you return to the halls and keep the residence halls secure. CDA staff offer resident support by managing the front desks in each building.

    Your Residence Hall Director (RHD) is a professional staff member who supervises the Resident Advisors and advises the Residence Hall Association. They work to build strong communities and support your learning outside of the classroom.

    Your Operations Manager (OM) is a full-time staff member who maintains the physical residence hall structures and helps coordinate community inspections and improvements.

    Your Service Coordinator (SC) is a full-time staff member who supervises the desk operation in each residence hall and leads the training for student staff members.

    Your Resident Assignment Coordinator (RAC) a full-time staff member who manages room and board assignments and billing.


    There are endless possibilities for involvement with your floor or hall community. Additionally, you can create an organization to match your interests, passions, curiosities, needs, and leadership skills. Your RA can help you learn more about all the possibilities!

    Residents are encouraged to contribute to the vibrancy of his or her floor community by becoming active with Floor Leadership Teams. Your RA will provide additional information about Floor Leadership Teams at your opening floor meeting.

    The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student organization that promotes resident interests and fosters a sense of community within McCormick Student Village (MSV), State Street Village (SSV), Gunsaulus Hall (GU) and Carman (CA). All residents who live in MSV, SSV, GU and CA are automatically members of RHA. Everyone is encouraged to participate as a floor representative or active member by attending general body meetings, planning social and educational events and participating in local, regional and national conferences.

    In past years, RHA has planned popular events like the Boat Cruise, monthly hall socials and Floor of Horrors. RHA also provides a voice for residents living in the residence halls to give constructive feedback about relevant concerns such as housing improvements and dining options. RHA members work closely with Residence and Greek Life to make on-campus living a great experience for everyone. Residence Hall Association is a great way for residents to get involved. The RHA executive team can be contact online at: or by emailing

    Staying Informed


    Residents should turn in their completed immunization forms or a copy of their immunization records to the Student Health & Wellness Center by September 1.  Class registration holds will be placed on student accounts that are non-compliant with IIT's immunization requirement.  Residents can access the immunization form at:

    Residents who are on an F1 or J1 visa are not eligible to waive the student health insurance plan.  Other residents who are interested in waiving the health insurance fee may submit a waiver form online only.  The waiver will not be available until mid-July.  The waiver form is due by September 1 at 5pm and will be accessible at:


    Fire and smoke present dangers to the safety of the campus housing community and require all residents to be cautious. For fire safety reasons and to prevent electrical overloading, the following items are prohibited in all campus housing:

    • Electrical appliances without a UL label approved for safety

    • Refrigerator units exceeding 3.0 cubic feet (or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated) or multiple refrigerators in a unit

    • Halogen bulbs

    • Extension cords, outlet splitters, or multiple plugs, except for power strips with built-in circuit breakers

    • Storage of any electrical appliance in residents’ rooms that is rated higher than 900 watts or that has an exposed heating element

    • Additionally, residents using hair dryers or hot irons are not permitted to leave them unattended while plugged in

    The above items will be confiscated and only available for return upon move-out.


    Safety in the residence halls is everyone’s responsibility. All residents must show their HawkCard upon entering the residence halls. If a resident does not have a state-issued photo ID or HawkCard the Community Desk Assistant will not authorize entry into the residence hall. Guests must also have and show a state-issued photo ID prior to being granted entry. Additionally residents must not prop open main entrance doors.

    Be sure to sign up for IITAlert at:

    IIT Alert is a self-service, web-based, mass notification system that will enable the university to send instant alerts simultaneously to all students, faculty and staff, no matter where they are. This new system allows IIT to communicate emergency broadcasts and school closings immediately to the individual's cell phone, Blackberry, wireless PDA, text pager, personal email (optional), and RSS reader.


    It is strongly recommended that residents obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property. IIT will not reimburse residents for lost, stolen or damaged items. Make note of these useful tips to further protect your belongings.

    • Lock your room whenever you are not home

    • Do not lend your room key or ID to anyone

    • Limit valuables in your room

    • Get to know your neighbors

    • Store your valuables out of sight

    • Report maintenance concerns as soon as you notice them

    Contact Public Safety for any safety concerns. Make your safety a priority!


    Don’t forget to review the Residence Hall Handbook. The Handbook has important information regarding the residence halls.

    Campus Housing Waiver Request
    All first year students are required to live in campus housing, unless living with their parent/guardian for the 2014-2015 academic year. To request a campus housing requirement waiver, submit the form below.  For questions or additional information, contact Nikki Overway, Director of Residence Life.

    Submit the Campus Housing Waiver online.

    Campus housing has wide variety of room and board options, consider living on campus.  Learn more about these options online at:

    To cancel your 2014-2015 Room and Board contract, please view the Cancellation Terms.

    Room and Board Change Request Forms

    Residence and Greek Life understands that your preferences may have changed since you submitted your 2014-2015 Room and Board Contract.  Use the online forms below to submit requests for room and board changes, and contract cancellation.

    Room Change Request

    Meal Plan Change Request

    Create Your Own meal plan point conversion

    Room and Board Cancellation

    Short Term Housing Request
    Residence and Greek Life will offer short term housing for students from August 1, 2013 – August 27, 2013. Students have the option to stay in short term housing for a maximum of three nights. The rate is $45/night per student. Students who wish to stay in a short-term housing room together must submit separate requests, indicating the other student as a preferred roommate. To make a short-term housing reservation, fill out the request at the link below:

    Short Term Housing Request Form

    Requests will be accepted July 2, 2013 – August 1, 2013 at 12-noon. Requests sent prior to July 2, 2013 will not be accepted.

    For more information, please email Residence and Greek Life at or call us at 312.567.5075.

    Early Arrival Request

    Residence and Greek Life encourages all residents to arrive on Wednesday, August 20 between 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Due to extenuating circumstances, some residents may need to move in earlier than Wednesday, August 20. If you need to move in early, please submit a request no later than August 1, 2014. 

    For new students not attending SOAR, Early Arrival begins on August 18 at 9am.  All early arrivals will be assessed a fee of $45 for each night prior to August 20.  Requests for early arrival are granted based on resident needs and available space; please know not all early arrival requests will be granted. Residents arriving early, may be placed into temporary housing accommodations.

    Students who are affiliated with an IIT Athletics team, Campus Life, RHA, or RGL should speak with their coach or supervisor regarding Early Arrival.  These students do not need to fill out the form below. 

    If you are planning to arrive prior to August 20 at 9am, please submit your Early Arrival Request online.

    Early Arrival Request Form


    Contact us with any questions regarding your future home at Illinois Institute of Technology.  We look forward to meeting you in August, and working with you throughout your time at IIT.

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